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Project89 03-24-2012 03:56 PM

what ignition moudle to buy ? ( gm hei 7/8 pin ))
i had an issue with my twin turbo camaro a while back.
i could fire the engine and it would run great for 5-10 minutes and the just die like somone shut off the key. then the issue disapeared so i figured it was something to do with my tune since i was constantly working on it.

well now the issue has come back.
the only changes ive made to the car were to remove the dual vette zr-1 fuel pumps and replace them with dual aremotive stealth 340LPH fuel pumps.
one is on constantly, the other is turned on when boost goes over 12 psi.
ive checked all my wire connections and related stuff and none of it is an issue.
fuel presure at idle is a constant 72psi and stays at 72psi when the motor dies.
so this leads me to the ignition moudle dieing when the car gets hot.
when it does die it wont refire right away,have to wait 5-10 mins then it will fire and run great for a few mins then die again.

so im going to replace the icm the problem is what do i get my first choice is a real ac delco unit, but what about the aftermarket units are they any good? i.e acell mallory or the msd unit

Project89 03-25-2012 11:32 PM

wow not one person can give feedback on one of the aftermarket hei modules?

cobalt327 03-26-2012 05:11 AM

I have used GM modules exclusively and had good performance from them- but then again, I wasn't running boost. On any high performance engine I've personally had anything to do with ignition-wise, I've always opted for an MSD 6-series box and removed the module entirely. I'd have to recommend the same thing for you. A BTM would be a good addition as well.

If you're bound to keep the module, I have heard reports that the MSD was a good module. Accel doesn't get good reviews in general, but I haven't heard anything about their modules one way or the other.
MSD HEI module w/built in rev limiter.

One of the best set-ups I've found for the GM big cap HEI is to use an external coil (takes a different coil cover made for the purpose) along w/the MSD 6-series box.

Below is the Mallory unit (similar to the Jacobs), whether the $50(!) price is worth it remains to be seen.

Project89 03-26-2012 10:58 AM

i am running the hei small cap already
i dont need a btm as i have full control over my ignition timing curve since im using a megasquirt. i also have the bypass wired to a toggle switch so that if for any reason i need to i can lock my timming to 14*btdc witht he flip of a switch

i havent heard many good things about the acell unit myself either

im debating on moving away from the factory style ignition and moving to a crank trigger since my ms unit can trigger off of that.

but for now i think ill just buy a real delco module and see what happens, the one thats currently in the car is a factory original so its over 20 years old and it was prolly time for it to die

Energi2DMax 05-12-2012 10:29 AM

I plan on doing that in the future with a crank trigger and megasquirt with Ford EDIS 8 module wasted spark and some aftermark coil tower..hear great things about megasquirt and EDIS cheap to fabricate and hell lot better then a "flying magnet" trigger

LATECH 05-12-2012 01:14 PM

Dealing mostly with aftermarket as I do in my world, I have used BWD, wells,and standard modules.
I am allways a little apprehensive about brands, but have had no issue with any listed above.
Not saying how it will perform in your setup, but I dont see any reason why it wouldnt work fine.
Napa sells standard. For my own ride I would pick that brand.
I used to live in a city in Florida that had a U pull It yard,I could fill my pockets with GM modules if needed.Geez I miss that place. :(

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