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Dizturbed One 10-04-2004 03:13 PM

What kind of power can I bolt on to my 1965 stock 383?
I'm taking the heads in to the machine shop.

It's an original 1965 engine, and they ran leaded gas so unless I want to run additives all the time (ummm... no) I need to get hardened seats put in.

But besides being hot tanked and cleaned up I didn't really want to do anything else to the motor with too much cost. (I plan on building a 440 out of the car over the next six months then I'll use the 383 in my wifes car)

The motor has 50,000 original miles on it. And besides a bent pushrod looked to be in very good running condition (besides usual sitting problems like buildup and such) after I ripped the top end off.

Mirror finish on the piston walls, no scoring. The cam still looks in very good condition with no scoring of anykind that I can see either(although I don't have it out)

So I was thinking a four barrel carb and intake, a nice air filter, headers and exhaust would do me nicely to open up whatever power the motor has in it.

Will a stock 383 engine with only these enhancements put out decent power?

How much of an increase do you think I'm looking at?

I know absolutely ZERO about Mopars, how they act, etc... Any common mechanical quirks or settings I should know about?

Do you know of a low priced addition that would really be worth putting into the block/heads before I have it together?

I really don't want to get into any pistonwork or anything, especially since they look to be in such good condition by looking at the cylinder walls.

But any suggestions would be nice. Especially as far as what type of carbuerator and intake manifold I should get for a 383.

Dizturbed One 10-07-2004 10:26 AM


brainsboy 10-07-2004 11:00 AM

My personal opinion if was mine would be to bring this 383 into the year 2000. Your talking about a motor thats almost 40 years old. Piston theory has changed enough in the last 10 years to make your head spin. Im going to say the same thing for your camshaft. All the designs and theorys have changed. If your wanting more power these are some good things to think about or consider. If you choose to keep your old stuff which is ok too, I would at least update all the electronics, I dont know if that thing has got points but I would start with Electronic ignition, MSD, and coil.

slowturbo 10-07-2004 12:09 PM

To be honest, I would not put a dime in the stock heads with their small valves and restrictive ports. See if you can locate a set of 452 casting heads, as these will already have the improved runner shape of the '67-up heads (915, 906, 452 castings, among others) and come with a more generous valve size plus hardened seats. The problem will be losing some compression due to the open chamber of the later heads ('67 915 heads have the better exhaust runner and closed chamber, but are pretty hard to find these days).

I agree with brainsboy to upgrade to electronic ignition, though I would not waste my money on a MSD setup for the engine your outlining. A stock Mopar electronic setup will be more than adequate.

The bent pushrod scares me a little, I think I would definitely pull and inspect the cam.

The stock 383 Magnum from 68-up was rated for 335hp. With all the same parts and modifications, a 383 will make the same hp as a 440, though it will require about 15% more RPM.


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