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Correct Break-in Procedure flat tappets

Always wash camshaft and lifters them thoroughly in clean mineral spirits prior to installation.
Lube the bottom of the lifters with the moly paste provided with the cam. Lube the sides of the lifters with oil. Lube the camshaft lobes with the moly paste supplied with the cam.
Install the camshaft, lifters and timing set. Lubricate the tips of the pushrods with Crane Engine Assembly Lube (99008-1) or motor oil before installation.
Set your valve lash
If possible prime the oiling system.
Preset the ignition to start the engine at a fast idle.
Fire up the engine and bring the engine to a fast idle between 1500 and 3000 RPM. Get the engine running fairly smoothly - tweak later.
Slow to moderate cycle the engine speed from 1500-3000 RPM for about 20-30 minutes.
(I love this one): If something does not sound right, shut it down, find out why. (Take that with a grain of salt. I know from experience you find "why" much faster by giving it a couple, four dozen good goosings)
Let the engine cool, and then drain the crankcase and throw the freaking oil filter in your backyard toxic waste dump.
It is getting late, I'm getting giddy. They really said "properly dispose of the oil filter."
Refill the crankcase with the proper viscosity / API service index mineral oil (not synthetic).
Initial "break-in" is complete.
* Now entering break-in stage 2.
Drive the vehicle normally except avoid prolonged idling.
Change the oil and filter after 500 miles.
Continue using mineral oil for another 5000 miles.
*You are broke. I mean it's broke in.
Change oil/filter. New filter/Synthetic oil *until damn thing blows again (about 30K later).
*Repeat all of the above.
* They did not really, really did NOT say those things either.
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