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Originally Posted by kso View Post
After laying down a nice white base coat, I looked around for a mixing cup for the clear and settled on a new, clean coffee can. Clear, reducer and hardener were all strained going into the can, but the mix went straight into the gun.

Spraying out onto the fender it seemed like I was getting specks in the paint and couldn't figure out what was up...then blammo it was like instant metallic spreading out over my white. Turns out the plating inside the coffee can came loose into the clear. A nice mess to stop and clean up, instead of continuing on with my painting.

Another mixing cup story was, pouring paint into some regular plastic cup that was laying around. It sat for maybe 20 minutes on the bench then when I went to pick it up it collapsed in my hand, melted. Paint went everywhere while I stood there with that goo in my fingers.

Just an amateur here, my paint jobs (when I do one) come out good but it's from persistence more than skill. I've certainly made most of the mistakes.
That reminds me of when we sent the rookie to the Body Shop across the street with a styrofoam cup and told him to borrow some reducer...LOL...3 trips latter he asked if he should double cup it...LOL

My first story was about cutting AE with gasoline for that instant none lasting shine. The same shop...different problem.

I was called in because of a color match issue on a white...I was told that the formula was way off because the color was leaning to the red side. I had been around long enough to know that I would save time if I mixed up a small portion at the store and then go to the shop.

I walked into the booth, the white wasn't leaning to the red side, the "friggin" Van was a pink/orange color. I asked if he could have made a mistake, grabbed a wrong tinter, anything like that. He swore that he mixed it right to code. I showed him what I had mixed, we sprayed it out and the color was fine. I asked him to mix up more color and do exactly what he had done the first time. I watched closely as every toner was added and he was, without a doubt accurate. When he was done, he stirred up the color and sure enough, it turned out to be pinkish orange. I opened every toner, looked to see if there was any color contamination, nothing...then it dawned on me...I looked at his mixing cans...they where recycled tomato soup cans that hadn't been washed out very fact the cleanest part of the can was the outside...where the label used to be.

Just goes to show is a fussy trade if tomato soup can ruin a paint job...LOL

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