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Originally Posted by SteveU
Problem with this is that Exxon-Mobil made over 10 BILLION dollars PROFIT in one quarter. That's 10,000 million dollars so if they take say 25% of that figure which is 2,500 million dollars and divide it by 535 (435 Representatives & 100 senators) it would come out to 4,672,897 per elected official in Washington. One would wonder, if given the choice between receiving this figure in exchange for voting in a way that favors continuing record profits or listening to people like you & I who don't have any money, which way a majority of our elected officials would vote. Kinda makes me wonder where billary got the 5,000,000 to 'loan' her campaign, since the Arkansas Governor makes under 70,000/yr and Bill only made 400,000/yr as president for 8 yrs.
Isn't it amazing how despite enormous profits, every time someone farts in the wrong direction the oil prices go up? When oil goes up drastically, and gas prices are in the $5-6 range, Americans are gonna feel some serious strain (even more then now). It's a shame that the majority of people in power that are supposed to be "by the people, for the people" are only for their ulterior motives and self profit.

Anyways- I don't care who wins the presidency; I just pray they'll do what's best for the American people. Unfortunately, the bleeding hearts in our own country prevent us from being as tough as we need to be with other countries on a lot of issues that the original post referred to.
Perhaps some of the things in that speech need to happen. Maybe it'll open some eyes, and shut some mouths

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