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model-a 02-08-2013 03:34 AM

what rearend will fit under a model A
Anyone know what rearend will fit under a model-a I think it measures 56.50 inches,and I think a maverick rearend will fit. I am going to remove the tork tube and run a open rearend. All help is appreciated:thumbup:

timothale 02-08-2013 06:32 AM

model A parts swap
Be aware . Different years used different parts usually the 5 lug maverick is an 8 inch, Read up on the Wiki here on hotrodders on how to identify rear ends. My Roadster was built over 20 years ago, never completed . It has several things I don't like and plan on changing. The Maverick 8 in rear was installed with coil springs. NOT coilovers. the home made 4 bars used toyota tie rods. about the size of my pinky finger. the front has a 40's axle with more toyota parts. welds to the axle and various places on the frame. I have another frame I plan on using and will use different parts. and will sell the rolling chassis for a rat rod, My choices, I have a stock front axle, a 40's car front susp complete and a 46 lincoln front suspension with the good big drum brakes. Buick finn brakes in a box. and 40 spindles with 65 Mustang 4 piston disc conversions. For the rear I have a mustang 8 out of a 70, about 2 inch too wide, a 5.0 mustang "posi rear with 5 bolt disc conversions, I have located a 65 mustang K car in a wrecking yard with the 9 in rear, the owner just hasn't said what he wants for it. You can buy the various conversions pieces, just have to decide if rear coil overs or a leaf, Welder series sells a weld it yourself hot rod parts. I usually build all my own parts.,,, I have a mill, lathe , plasma, pattern cutter, etc.

delawarebill 02-08-2013 07:15 AM

where is that measurement coming from.. inside backing plate or to front of drum ??? i have a '67 mustang on my bucket, and i'm thinking its around 54" to the backing plates. the pre '67's have a reduced axle housing.. meaning at the diff it's 3" and drops to 2" at the backing plate... '67 is straight 3". my numbers may be off but u get my point..thats an 8" too..

kso 02-08-2013 08:03 AM

Here's a chart. Rear End Widths Note the S-10 7.5 rr is not on there, it's 56" and suitable for only low-hp...but common. Most of the narrower factory rears that can support power (Maverick or Mustang II 8", Mopar A-body 8 3/4) have been picked or scrapped years ago so happy hunting. Btw all are measured from the wheel-mounting flanges. :cool:

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