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Originally Posted by gator412
Thanks for the info guys. I am setting up my compressor in the shop area of my office. It is in a commercial building. The panel is a 100 amp 2 phase with breakers. I would be wiring straight to that to my compressor and stove which is 25' away. The panel is pretty much empty except for a few circuits we ran for lights and outlets.
in a commercial building you need to run everything in conduit unless you can install / encase the feeds in a wall, then you could use romex & a range cable as long as it's protected. if the air compressor & range are close you could run it all in one conduit. if you run it all in one conduit it needs to be over sized, as with 4 current carrying conductors in one conduit the wire needs to be a little larger. with out figuring it, you prob need 2 #10s for the air compressor and a 30a breaker & 2 #6s for the range and one #10awg ground wire that can ground both the range & air compressor.

now if the range calls for four wires, you will probably need a total of 4 #10s. 2 #10awg hots for the air compressor and 2 #6awg hots for the range and 1 #10awg neutral for the range and and 1 #10 ground to ground the air compressor and range.

(a 2 pole 20a & a 2 pole 30a breaker will be the same price) I would look at the tag on the range, but I would think a 40a breaker with #8awg wire is what you need, now if the range calls for a bigger breaker like a 50a then you need #6awg wire.

(check the name tag on your range 1st for the breaker and amperage size, so unless your range calls for a 50a breaker, you need a 30a 2 pole breaker and a 40a 2 pole breaker four #10awg wires and two #6awg wires. )

you need 2 breakers 1 30a 2 pole and 1 40a 2 pole breaker (or 1 50a 2 pole breaker if your range calls for that), for wire you need 2 black #10awg and 1 white #10awg and 1 #10awg green and 2 black #6awg

I Always over size my wire awg size a little if I can.

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