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addictivewoodworks 03-07-2012 05:10 PM

what year is this chevy 350?
Here's the deal. I bought a 78 firebird and it had a chevy 350 in it. The guy I bought the car from got it on a trade so he didn't have any information on the car at all. I looked up the number (V0207TDJ) on the machine pad in front of the block and it said it was from either a 72, or 80 truck. The number on the back of the block says 3970010. I want to do a tune up on the motor and need to but the right parts for it. Please help, also can someone tell me what the sensors are on the block. If the pictures didn't get uploaded I can email anyone certain pictures to help...

DoubleVision 03-07-2012 05:45 PM

TDJ 72 350 Truck 175 LS-9 TH 350 4-Brl C 10 & C 20
TDJ 80 350 Truck 165 LS-9 TH 350 4-Brl

Looks like the info you already got was correct. Here's how you find out the year. On the back of the block where the bellhousing flange is, up from where the casting numbers are the date code is cast into the block. It will look like this example:
D 6 9
D is the month. D is the 4th letter so the 4th month: April.
6 is the date of the month: 6th Of April
9 is the year. Depending on what years the casting numbers was used will dictate if it was cast in 1969, 1979, 1989 Etc.
The date code can also look like this example:
D 6 79 Which works out the same as above only it's giving you the actual year. I don't know what you mean by sensors. The old school cars before the computer days didn't have sensors. They have Temp gauge sending unit, oil pressure sending unit and not a whole lot more so you'll have to get more specific on what you mean by sensors.

addictivewoodworks 03-07-2012 05:56 PM

If I can send you a few pictures then that would help. my oil temp gauge on the car is buried at the top and does not move, I don't know if it's hooked up. also the temp sensor won't fit in my harness, prongs are in different locations. I just need to do a tune up on the motor and don't want to buy and install the wrong parts, also if I build the motor up later on. What's the difference between 72, and 80 motors?

DoubleVision 03-07-2012 06:06 PM

The sending unit should be easy. Simply find a junk car that had a SBC in it, if the sending unit is ran off 1 wire as mine was then just simply cut yours off and splice in the replacement. Difference in the 72 and 80 engines? The casting numbers on the heads will be different unless someone has swapped them at some point. Since your engine has some age on it that's quite possible. The 72 engine had a drivers side oil dipstick. The 80 engine had a passengers side dipstick.

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