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Originally Posted by Maxwell007
Without pictures I have no real proof but I think I may win the prize for the ugliest first car. Mine was a 1960 Plymouth Valiant with a silver paint job that had oxidized all the way down to bare metal in some places. That car didn't even look good when it was new!
To add to this insult, I bent the driver's door so bad (another story) that I had to replace it. The only door I could find was a blue one from a Dodge Lancer. While the door fit the door frame, the trim on the Lancer was different than that of the Valiant. So I not only had a different color door, the trim didn't match. It kept the rain out though! was ran and it was amazing how many friends, including girls, wanted to ride in it.
Naw, bro, I gotchya beat. 1976 Plymouth Volare 4 door, reddish brown metallic, holes in the trunk with a /6 that had a burned exhaust valve and a shot 904 T-Flite that never shifted right despite being rebuilt. Did my first cylinder head r&r with it, and after I convinced my old man that milling the head and giving it a 3 angle valve job was the way to go, and getting the valves set right in auto mech, that ugly box became party central. All those square surfaces and glass were great for acoustics, so the crap radio and speakers sounded like a dance club. $650.00 plus tax and time. Had dreams of a small block and some gears, but it would have been street raced, and my late pops knew it.

Cheap gas, good times.

And plus infinity on the girls willing to ride with you! Didn't need what you need now if you were on the pull. Just 4 wheels that could be trusted and a radio!

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