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Originally Posted by Billgt63SS View Post
On a High Horsepower 350 pump gas what is better?
Depends a whole lot on where in crankshaft degrees the cam shuts the intake. A high horsepower engine usually means a really big cam, this looses a lot of torque off the bottom end that needs to be restored; the method of recovery is through higher than expected compression. Obviously 93 unleaded does impose an upper end to the squeeze, but none the less you're probably going to be shoved to push the limits.

Gearing including the result of tire size and vehicle weight as well as the end use of the machine will also impose restriction or open possibilites. Stiff gears and light weight combine to let you run more compression than what would otherwise be expected. Drag racing will let you may even require you to push the limits harder. Round track especially in the dirt will also let you push harder. Paved round track and road course will force a back off of the upper limit because of the better traction and the possibility of hauling the revs up in the wrong gear which will overload the engine and push the detonation limit sooner. A hot street engine will also have to be more conservative on compression, especially if you mix it with higher gear ratios. Off road tends to use large diameter tires, these unless you really hang some nasty gears in the rear end, will also drive a more conservative compression solution.

So to be of any real help I'd have to know a whole lot more of what's in-store for this high ouput 350.

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