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Originally Posted by techron View Post
DO NOT DISS MARTINSR noob!! He has been here a long time and has contributed much more than i have. I respect him. I also agree with him, I owned and ran a corvette shop for 30 years in SF before retiring in 2000. In the old days parts guys knew their *******, we had no time to waste. they had a big rack of parts books and could give you an answer on the most obscure parts in one minute.

You kids at the kragens/ mcdonalds parts store have no clue. If you can't look it up on the computer you are lost.

Case in point--What is the starter motor# for a 1973 pantera??
today parts guys know their s__t also.. we are working and talking about cars and parts that are not what parts guys deal with today..
today we can go grab an crank sensor off the shelf, without looking it up.. just like the old days they guy just picked a wire set off the shelf..
unlike the car guys of today.. that think the world revolves around them.. back in the day.. the guy with a model t didn't expect a guy from the 70's to have a clue about mechanical brakes.. nor the pontiac guy expect the guy to know what knee action shocks where.. SOME seem to forget. todays cars are NOTHING LIKE the cars hotrodders play with..
parts for our junk haven't been used on cars for 20-30 YEARS..
but you expect the 20y/o behind the counter to know what you are looking for.. or better yet, where to go looking for it..
we have a few older parts guys that are working with us.. and they are just lost ,when it comes to parts for new cars..
a guy came in looking for a coil pack ignitor, and the old parts guy was,"would you like a muffler bearing with that.. "
he had no clue.. this guy has 35 years in the part biz.. and knows '85 on back.. anything newer, he's as lost as the 20 y/o looking for points for the first time..
some(most) need to stepback and remember the parts used in the good old days are no longer parts used in todays cars.. and haven't been for a good long time.. and are not parts asked for regularly..
as far as the parts books .. try to get parts companies to send them.. good luck.. we lock ours up.. and most are 5-9 years old.. as we haven't got a newer one from them since..
I really like it when the model changes on the lift.. call and ask for parts for an impala, and then calling to b_tch because the parts don't fit the chevelle on the lift... lol
the good old days.. selective memory is more like it.
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