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Originally Posted by E.Furgal View Post
maybe out on that coast.. but then again, out there, the body men my dad worked with didn't know how to lead or pick and file..
todays "mcparts" as you call them.. don't stock parts to sit on the shelf for years.. nor does any dealership.. they put the investment in parts that they'll move.. it's not marketing, it's the fact of life.. your "real parts store" mostlikely didn't restock the brake parts you bought for your 59, as doing so, ties up money.. something EVERY business today has to think about, no matter if it's a mom and pop store or a big chain.. also out on that coast there tends to be alot more older cars running around, so a storefront may move more older car parts to warrant the investment in stocking SOME parts..
if you work in the autobody field, and are more than a bodyman, you know. even getting parts to repair models, the popular models can be a royal pain to track down in a timely manner.. nevermind if an odd ball rolls off the rollback into the shop..
the mc parts are here because people are cheap.. the same reason. you'll put an aftermarket hood/fender/headlight/grill/etc on a car at the body shop.. instead of factory parts it's cheaper..
same reason you'll walk into wally world.. home depot, etc the list is a mile long..
everyone wants a good wage, but doesn't want to pay for anyone else to have one.. so we have what we have.. big box stores, with help that knows the bare min. why BECAUSE NO ONE WILL want to pay for the good counter help.. cause good help doesn't come from a min wage work force.. but thats what we have because we are to cheap..
I am with you and agree completely on why the McParts stores are around. And to tell you the truth one of my personally issues with them is that they ARE chains, I boycott chains as much as possible. I VERY, VERY rarely go into the McHome stores for instance, I have a couple of REAL hardware stores near by and I do my shopping there, and a REAL lumber yard too.

Listen, we aren't that far apart, I understand and was actually surprised as heck when I was a parts counter man how about 90% of sales are brake shoes, pads,rotors, drums and oil and filters, spark plugs and wires, fan belts and water pumps on ten year old cars or newer. 90%, the rest are the odd stuff I had fun with. Heck, I don't remember selling a single actual motor part like a lifter or cam or bearing kit in the year I was there.

So for the McParts store to fill the needs of 90% of his customers, they are making money and it makes sense. It is no different than a McDonalds, they have a small menu and it is plenty for millions of customers. Me personally, want more in a meal, but I hit Micky D's too some times when an air freshener or seat cover is what I am after for lunch. The McParts store IS a valuable stop for 90% of the purchases the late model family car needs.

The store where I bought those Rambler parts from, they have a huge inventory investment and they are by leaps and bounds have the largest sales numbers of the parts stores in the area. If they don't have it, they find it with a smile on their face, they are amazing. A vendor that we buy from is good friends with the owner of the parts store and he has told me some inside stuff and the store is VERY impressive.

If you work in one of these chain stores and go out of your way for those odd things, and are a parts professional I applaud you, you are no different than what I call "REAL" parts stores. My statements are nothing personal, but very generic. I mean not harm or ill feelings.

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