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kidcuda 02-02-2004 01:54 PM

when did you first get intrested in cars?
I have been interested in cars scince i can remember. How about you?

Kevin45 02-02-2004 01:57 PM


i got in to it at a very young age like dragracing since i was a kid
And you are now SIXTEEN!!! j/k!! I started out with model cars when I was probably around 9 or 10 and started helping my dad in the body shop at around the same age. At 14 I had a '59 Volks that I had completely redone and went from there.


poncho62 02-02-2004 01:58 PM

I remember that when I was about 2, I saw my dad jacking up the family 52 Chevy. I think I was hooked then. That was 49 years ago.

I still build model cars.

Rich_Long 02-02-2004 02:08 PM

Since I seen Dad shove that 409 in that 54 Chevy pickup, I was about 4.
Then there was the 68 GT Fastback Mustang Uncle Mike had.... therefore my project car. I was 11.

mustangman1968 02-02-2004 02:24 PM

i first got into cars watching T.V. with tnn (spike) and got some magazines to read and talked to my dad about it.

troy-curt 02-02-2004 02:39 PM

Saw my first hotrod magazines at about 14, (still have boxes of them) was hooked, started hanging out at the local body shop. I was free labor to sand, wash, cleanup, or what ever there was to do. Did a custom paint job on my bicycle, then every bike in town for $5.00 bucks. Worked out my first car from them ($50.00).
A 50 Plymouth 2 dr. put in 49 Lincoln taillights. filled all the seams,
shaved the hood, Frenched the headlights, louvered the hood, shaved the doors and installed solenoids, spray tinted the glass,
frenched the lic. plate mt. in the deck lid, found some ripple bumpers, ditched the 6 cyl. and installed a hemi, and a cad. lasalle floor shift, full moon hub caps, lowered it as far as it would go, complete tuck and roll interior myself with moms help, did a wild paint job and the local mothers would not let there daughters ride in it. I was 15, that was 50 years ago, and I've never looked back.


If you don't make mistakes. your not doing anything.

69 ss rs full custom camaro 98 ISCA grandchampion
69 ss rs bb camaro wifes driver
66 Elcamino 350/all dz parts,ac,windows,loaded,my driver
69 ss chevelle bb conv.fresh frame off
26 T sedan street rod

Ghetto Jet 02-02-2004 08:40 PM

I got interested when I was six and my dad was restoring 51 Ford F-100. My dad saw the car nut in me so he turned me loose on his closet full of car magazines.

40fordtruck_son 02-02-2004 09:14 PM

I was into it when i was 10 (wow 4 years). but it was all around me. my cousin has a 69,85,89, and 99 mustangs, my uncle has a 28 ford (with the pimp daddy flattie :pimp: ) and a 57 Chev, my other cousin has a 67 merc cougar, my best friend has a 41 chev pick up, my other friend has a 48 ford coupe. so me and my dad are joining the club with twin 1940 ford pickups. I know four years is nothing' compared to 50 years.

Carbed95GT 02-02-2004 09:38 PM

I started reading car books when I was about 14. I'd say that's when I started. My interests were further sparked at age 16, when I got into the whole "I love Mustangs" scene. Then, at 19, I met my husband, who taught me the ins and outs of mechanical upgrades. That's what really did it. Hands on experience turned me into a blossoming car freak. Now, instead of arguing over what's for dinner, we argue about the 2.02 intake valves vs. 2.05s. :D

Sandflea427SS 02-02-2004 10:25 PM

My grandfather had cars packed around the garage like sardines....I would get dropped off for the day in the summer time while my parents were at work. Me and pappy would work on everything, often falling asleep in the sun under the cars. He was retired at the time and just worked on cars to keep busy. I loved going to the salvage yard or auto parts store with him. When anyone would see him they would yell his name and give him the greatest reception. Just seeing the way people responded to him being around made him a bigger hero to me. A few days after my mom was in an auto accident my family stopped in to see the progress on the car; which my grandfather was working on. He had the front clip off of the car waiting to get new parts...At that point in my life I didn't even know the sheetmetal could come off. I just stood there slackjawed in disbelief. I always knew I was hooked. But, after I saw the clip off the car, it became serious.
Also,There was a bad intersection at the end of our street. After an accident I would collect the busted up parts and bag and tag them and arrange them in different ways. This started at age two!

Gr8 '48 bow tie 02-03-2004 12:33 AM

I really don't know why I became interrested cars. I was only five years old when my dad passed away. We didn't even have a car because he was unable to drive because of illness. Around the age of seven a group of us boys (9 or 10) would always hang out together around an auto salvage yard where we would sit in the cars and drive them all over the place (in our minds). I guess after a while the real thing gets into your blood. At age fifteen I bought my first car, it was a 1940 chevy 2 dr sedan. That was almost 50 years ago. I painted it and pampered it and really had a good time driving it. I was hooked. Now I have a '48 chevy which is not a lot different than the "40. I LOVE MY CHEVY.

Al :drool:

thrown_hammer 02-03-2004 04:50 AM

Watching Cannonball Run for the first time.

kitkar 02-03-2004 05:11 AM

I started with beat up motorcycles when I was 12 (90cc Honda, then later, a 305 Honda). I lived out in the sticks, so the bikes got me around to all the impressionable little neighbor girls. At 15, I bought a '64 Merc Montclair. It was a beater, but it had all the essentials; a roof and a back seat.:)


k2mooch 02-03-2004 09:17 AM

When my friend Jeff's dad took us to my first swap meet, he put the car in neutral and shut it off going down a hill. There was no traffic, it was his little game to see if he could clear the next hill. Ever since then, I realized that cars can be fun.

Few weeks later he showed me one of his 30's coupes do a burnout just like Jeff's go-kart. As soon as I knew cars were capable of doing such things, I wanted to know more.

Good friends.


Slightly_Slanted6 02-03-2004 09:32 AM

2 words " Vanishing Point " :drool:

when i was about 4 years old......
that and my mom raced circle track when i was younger.....
i loved going to the races every saturday night.....

i think it was the Burning Jet Fuel Smell that hooked me...

now almost 17 years later... i have had more cars then "MOST" 40 year olds .... ;)

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