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duckhunter 11-06-2001 08:52 AM

Where do the mounts go?
Hi all,
swaping out a 235 thriftmaster for a 283 8cyl in a 61 4x4 C-20 pickup. Unfortunatly the 4x4 uses a obsolete front motor mount so I have robbed a cross member from a '68 truck. Now the question... I figured out the center of the mounts on the crossmember have to be 16" from the face of the bell housing, but how to I determine how high up on the frame to weld? ( elevation) I figured I could use the dimension of the distance from the center of the crank to the center of the motor mount on the block, ( I know the centerline from trans input shaft to the front of the truck by using a laser pionter) if any one knows this measurment..... Thanks in advance :confused:

chevota 11-13-2002 08:11 PM

I have done engine swaps in a couple trucks (mainly toyota) but what I have done is bolt engine to transmission and bolt tranny to xmember. Attach motor mounts to engine and tack weld them in place. Then the motor mounts are exactly where they need to be.

Maverick 11-14-2002 05:46 AM

Yep! Iam in the process of doing the same thing in my '49 Chevy. Mocking it up while holding the engine with a cherry picker is the best way to get it right. Good luck!


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