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We are looking at a number of different things here.

First off, yes California has been the first to restrict many industries from polluting the air and water. Some of it is over the top, some of it is needed. Have any of you been to Mexico? That is what it looks like when you leave it up to the people to decide what to do to the environment. You have filth running in the gutters and people living in plywood homes with dirt floors. Some rules are good to have.

Second and more to the point. Cameo, what exactly do you mean by "stripper"? Do you mean a place that would "dip" the parts stripping off every spec of anything off the metal? Or do you simply mean someone who would use a chemical striper to strip the paint off the outside of the parts?

Those are two completely different animals. A "dip" where the part or body is completely immersed in an acid solution is a pretty serious deal. EVERY SINGLE bit of sealant in seams is stripped for instance. The inside of rockers where you can't protect from future rusting is stripped. It REALLY strips the metal clean. A lot of the surfaces are very hard to protect once striped. I personally feel if you car really needs that, you have the wrong car, it is too far gone. There are some places where you can get your car dipped in Ca. I don't know where they are being I don't use them, but I have seen it discussed on the forums.

"Chemically striping" with something like "Aircraft stripper" or "Jasco" (a couple of the better brands) is a sloppy mess to do and there are some people out there who will do it for you. It is a filthy job that is very dangerous (I had a buddy who just about lost his finger prints after doing a car!) It is something I don't recommend.

Plastic Media or sanding the paint off is my personal choice. Plastic media will NOT touch rust, so if you need rust cleaned up you will have to sand blast those areas (extreme caution must be used as to not warp any metal) or use some metal conditioner or something like that to prepare those areas.

The stripper wouldn't tough rust to speak of either, dipping would. Dipping would strip all rust. THAT is a big advantage if you went with that.

What kind of strip job are we talking about? Just paint off the fenders?
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