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Ah, all's right with the world again -- I'm up at sinister hours on the computer and powerrodsmike is trying to kill my last surviving brain cell.

Originally Posted by powerrodsmike
Long time no see, Grouch
Thank ye!

Originally Posted by powerrodsmike
The word "volvo" means "I roll" in svedish.. But you probably already knew that.
Bwahaha! I get my revenge for your torturing of my eyes with those vehicles(?) and torturing my mind with suggesting I do that to the old Volvo.

It's a Latin word (just absconded by a svede for the car). I've seen it defined as "I roll" all over the Internet, including wikipedia and lots of car sites, but that's always seemed slightly misplaced -- cars don't usually say "I". I don't know Latin so I had to go searching.

The Philological Essays of the Late Rev. Richard Garnett of the British Museum, 1859

Originally Posted by Garnett
we assume a primitive gwal, qwal, v. t. q. signifying to turn,
roll, &c., it is easy to conceive how it might on one side
become the parent of the Welsh chwylaw, to revolve; Sanscr.
hval, to turn; A.-S. hweol, wheel; O.-Germ. hwel, crooked;
Slavou. kolo* a wheel, kolievali, to agitate; and on the other,
of Slavon. valili, Germ. wcilzen, Lat. volvere, to roll; with
many similar words in most European languages.
makes it at all events probable that they are in reality collateral
formations, and that they, together with their cognate
[...] have a common origin with the Latin volvo, and the Welsh
chwylaw, i. e. a root gwal or qwal, or something similar.
This suggests Celtic roots and "to roll" for "volvo".

Moving forward in time...

Getting Involved with "Volvo" and "Involvo"
by Dr. William R. Long
Originally Posted by Long
So, let's start with the Latin root "volvo." The first definition of "volvo" for the ancient Romans was "modern Swedish car." Oops. Getting ahead of myself here. Let's start again.

The real first definition is "to cause to travel in a circular course, orbit, etc." It can also mean "to gather up by rolling" or "to impel forward in a rotary motion." The Latin root volvo, then, has to do with rolling or turning.
Ok, so now we have "rolling".

Indulge me one more...

Alchemical Symbols - Iron

Looks familiar, eh? So you have the symbol for iron on the grille, surrounding the word Volvo => Iron Rolling, or Rolling Iron. IMO, that fits better than "I roll" even if it may not be as widely stated.

Originally Posted by powerrodsmike
My suggestion for customization would not be in the genre of audience interactive mixed media, as it is typically a conflict of interest for a grouch such as yourself to interact with people and yet still attempt to draw them near you...
Does this mean I have to give up luring travelling vinyl siding salesmen into my freezer? Ok, they're not as lean and tender as they used to be. Venison is probably healthier food anyway.

Originally Posted by powerrodsmike
So this would not work...
Argh! Anything you do to a crackerbox van has to improve interest, but this Amazon isn't even a brick! It's got curves instead of slabs.

Originally Posted by powerrodsmike
But you do seem to have a plethora of parts that could be fixed upon the skin of the bolvo and create a stand alone statement of resourcefulness, ingenuity and function that is your signature state of being...

So hodgepodge mosaic would be my try..

Man, you have a mean streak. I see wheels, headlights and windows under there, so it may have started out as a car!

Somehow that reminds me of a Beetle I saw on tv years ago. It was covered with lights that went on and off in waves over the car.

Originally Posted by powerrodsmike
Hope this helps, Mikey
Oh, yeah, I'm scared to even try to sleep now. I can foresee nightmares of CameraVans spying on me and giving me flash burns to match those of a welder while AutoObscuras blast me with Blues Brothers' sized PA systems.

Thanks for the paranoid insomnia, Mikey!

(I'm still laughing over the AutoObscura. It's art, but I don't think it's a hotrod).

Some people have stuffed late model Chevy V-6s in those old Amazons. I think I'll just try to get the original 4 banger up to snuff - it already has a HP/lbs ratio the same as a '95 V6 Camaro. It needs lowering a couple of inches, decent seats, paint and losing the "Volvo" on the nose. Not sure what else, yet. The steering wheel feels huge.

(BTW, I just went through some kind of an Internet time-warp. For some reason I couldn't preview the post, then suddenly everything, and I mean everything, came up in both my browser and email client showing stuff from over a year ago. I just closed both, reconnected to my ISP and dug things out of the caches).
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