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35Ford: you have a very desireable problem. My recommendation is that you send me your address and I will very quickly come to your home and drag the offending vehicle away. I can see how this vehicle would offend your neighborhood, I have had this problem myself.

Ok, so now. A digital camera is a really valuable tool in this process. Take lots of pictures of even small details, they will become very important to you later. I always make a catalog system of parts. I bag them in zip lock sandwich bags or bigger and put a reference label on them. As I dissasemble, I create a database of reference numbers that relate to the pictures and the bags. Computer works for this, it used to be a file box of recipe cards.

You should read a lot about the history of the car, how they have been rodded or fill your mind with dreams of just making it a restoration project. Finding out what pleases you takes some time.

Rule of thumb one is Never Throw Anything Away until the project is 100% show quality. As soon as you ditch a part, then is the time when you will pay $300 to get it back.

Also go to car shows and see how other guys have treated certain aspects of the car. You will learn a lot about the process.

Consider the costs involved. The high costs are not where you think they are. Chrome and paint are the most expensive part of the process. The mechanicals are relatively inexpensive. I would learn to do as much as I can, mechanical, body, upholstery and paint. Most people are reasonably good at wrenching and get killed on the paint, body and upholstery, though in your case, there are a lot of interior kits available.

It took me 9 years to complete an old Porsche because I was learning the disciplines. The second one was 2 years.

Also consider sending me your address!!
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