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StevenC 12-26-2005 09:04 AM

Whining sound like a super charged? Cause?

I took my chevy truck for maybe a 50 mile trip. PIcked up what i needed and was on my way home. Half way home i got a little bored so i gave it wot a few times, after one of my wot bursts i started to hear a whining sound that would get louder when rpm increased, but would stop when I stopped the truck. I drove it home as it was running great and shifting fine.

I parked it because i didnt feel like getting into it on a christmas eve.

I go out to start it today to look into it, and there it is whining.. at idle in park.

It does it in gear and driving.
It sound slike its coming from the last to cylinders to the middle of the transmission area.

Anyone have suggestions? Im gonna disconnect the converter and see if it continues.

crazy larry 12-26-2005 10:44 AM

my uneducated guess, a vacuum line somewhere is leaking. fwiw.

StevenC 12-26-2005 10:48 AM

Actually its alot louder then a vacum line would be.. Imagine a whine from a supercharger and a noisy gear drive

Tim240Z 12-26-2005 10:52 AM

What tranny do you have? Sounds like the tranny just started going south.....pump drive or bearings...if it is a 4L60, then my money is on that!

TwistedTrbl 12-26-2005 11:10 AM


Originally Posted by Tim240Z
What tranny do you have? Sounds like the tranny just started going south.....pump drive or bearings...if it is a 4L60, then my money is on that!

Same thing here on my chevy.....Replaced the trans and the noise was gone. Never tore in to it find the culprit. Same torque convertor though.

StevenC 12-26-2005 01:40 PM

TH350.. Thats what I think aswell. I will find out when i pull the converter bolts.

97Z28 12-26-2005 01:45 PM

exactly what i was going to say... the tranny...

Warrant 12-26-2005 01:47 PM

Is your truck 4 wheel drive? I had a similar problem, took us awhile to find where the noise was coming from. It turned out that the transfer case took a dump...

firestone 12-26-2005 01:59 PM

I had almost the exact same thing happen to me except that you could hear it at idle sometimes. It ended up that my alternator bearings went out.


StevenC 12-26-2005 02:45 PM

Its a two wheel drive.

I dont think its alternator. I cant really find out for sure until tommarow, just looking for suggestions.

97Z28 12-26-2005 04:06 PM

check the tranny fluid, see what color it is, you might be low or just need the fluid and filter changed.

Infomaniac 12-26-2005 04:33 PM

The carb base gasket will squeel real loud when it gets a leak.

IanRiordan 12-26-2005 04:52 PM

If it's pre efi, and a t350 would inicate that, try the distributor. Dry points or a stuck weight (points or hei) touching inside will cause it. At least if you unbutton the convertor you'll get closer.

StevenC 12-27-2005 12:24 AM

Can a bad bearing cause this?

97Z28 12-27-2005 12:28 AM

depends where the sound is coming from. start the engine and let it idle till the noise comes in, then go through and check to see where the sound is coming from with a mechanics stethiscope.... or... whatever you have... you should be able to tell where its coming from. and if it only happens when your driving, i'd check the tranny, and also check to see if the rear end has enough fluid in it... :thumbup:

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