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1BAD80 11-19-2004 02:52 PM

Who Said No Such Thing As Bad Gas
The stations were investigated this summer as part of a project dubbed Operation May Day to Labor Day.

Stations Fined for Selling Bad Gas
By Kristin Smith
Web produced by Jennifer Clark
November 19, 2004

Fifty Michigan gas stations have been busted for violating state standards.

This summer across the state, inspectors examined 953 service stations -- some in metro Detroit as part of a project dubbed Operation May Day to Labor Day.

State inspectors cracked down on bad gas and broken pumps. In all, they found that 29% of gasoline tested failed quality standards, and about 12% fell short of gas quantity standards, meaning that stations may not have sold a full gallon of gas for the listed price of a gallon.

The majority of violations, according to the Dept. of Agriculture, were not intentional, but had to do with poorly-maintained pumps and equipment.

The state boosted inspections by 30% this year, in response to about 500 consumer complaints. The 50 gas stations busted were fined, and many others were issued warnings as part the crackdown.

OneMoreTime 11-19-2004 03:51 PM

Constant Battle
When I worked for an oil company it was a constant deal to keep the pumps up to snuff and keeping after the refinery's..of course sometimes a truck driver would dump gas in the wrong tank..or get the wrong fuel from the terminal..not to mention water in the tanks..leaks in pipelines..

Seemed like I spent my entire life fixing that sort of thing...

Not making any excuses it is just the way it is to keep after that stuff..of course there are those who do not get the drift..:spank:


mitmaks 11-19-2004 09:24 PM

any list of bad gas stations?

Nightfire 11-20-2004 01:45 PM

I always have bad should smell my room in the morning:P :drunk: :pain:


BattlestarOne 11-20-2004 08:04 PM

I worked at a Shell station mid 70s when unleaded had just come in.

I don't remember the capacities, but there were 3 tanks, originally 2 for Regular and 1 for Super Shell (premium).

When the Unleaded fuel started it was 1 Regular, 1 Unleaded, and 1 Super Shell.

Because of the compartment size in the trucks oftentimes all the Regular wouldn't fit in the 1 Regular tank. So we'd just hand the driver a Five Dollar bill and he'd dump the remainder in the Super Shell tank, thus making the Super Shell not so Super.........

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