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Mikey_mike 09-14-2003 03:39 PM

Who is your biggest influence?
Just wondering who influenced you in getting into rodding, or who do you admire as a hot rodder.

For me it was my dad that got me into cars. Helping him do tune-ups, brake jobs etc..

And for Rodding, i really love pretty much anything Chip foose and his team comes up with.

But of course, there is still Boyd Coddington, George Barris, Big Daddy Roth that all had some funky rides.

Halloweenking 09-14-2003 04:08 PM

Roth, Barris, Indian Larry, DaVinci, and Finch. most importantly, and of course I left out, Ulf.


roadweasel 09-14-2003 06:32 PM

My big brother. From the first time he got me to fire up his 57 chevy for him while he tweaked things under the hood. I used to love horses. When I turned sixteen I sold the horse and bought my first car, a 65 mustang. Might say I traded horses for horsepower!
I've been on fast bikes, I've been in fast boats, I've flown in fast planes, but nothing is quite like a big block V8 rumbling just a few feet in front of you ready to haul your ***** on down the road. Gotta love it.

Mikey_mike 09-14-2003 06:35 PM

Amen to that!:D

tm454 09-14-2003 06:40 PM

I vote for me
I am my own biggest influence. I can't afford the big dollar rides/50-100k and don't build after them. I build out of my pocket and what makes me happy. I am glad for these guys who make the bucks but for me I would think that would take the fun out of it always building high dollar rides for rich people. The Show thing came after Rodding. Make it work then make it pretty. I like flat black/satin or in house home paint jobs where I know the guy did it himself. I can buy a $20 or $30k car to play with but who built it and who designed it? My $10-$15 cars I build are my own creation, my paint, my design. I love this hobby!


Rat Rods Rule.

crazy larry 09-14-2003 07:25 PM

I'd have to say.....
most of the members of this board. You've all had some influence on something or other..... dammit....

And Todd!!!

Madd Syntst 09-15-2003 08:42 AM

My blond sisters boyfriend. He had a 55 Chevy with a "Beep Beep Your ***** decal and an 8 ball shift knob. My dad didn't like him.

38 special 09-15-2003 07:55 PM

Me pop! He was always like a kid in a candy store when it came to cars. Guess it rubbed off. More sweets/cars please.:thumbup:

TurboS10 09-15-2003 09:09 PM

My Dad I suppose. He always wanted to build a 55-57 Chevy truck, but never had the time or money. Not much extra money for peanut farmers. He paid for me to build my first ride, which oddly enough was a 57 Chevy truck I still have. He helped me when he had time and helped me figure out how to do everything. He has still never bought or built a project car or truck of his own.


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