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Magikal 02-19-2004 11:20 PM

Why can I find every other lense but this one?
Help!! I need a passenger side turn signal lense for my 74 chevy pickup. It is a simple rectangle w/ two srews, one on each end of it. Believe it or not, I have been looking and cannot find THIS lense. I have located multiple sources for every other lense on the truck. No one seems to manufacture these aftermarket. I went down to the local parts store and they couldn't find it either. All the other lenses, just not the turn signal lenses.

What a freakn headache. Where can I find this lense new? Why do they aftermarket EVERY other one and not these?


:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Anyone?? 1974 Chevy Full Size Pickup Front Passenger side Turn signal lense. Actually will get both front lenses when I do find some.....


Dutchman 02-20-2004 12:15 AM

Have you gone back to the dealership or local salvage yard?
The dealers may only have stock going back to early 80's but its worth a try.

jalopy45 02-20-2004 06:17 AM

Try LMC in Kansas City area, I think the web address is , cheap honest and great products. You can order a catalog at this web address. I looked in my catalog and the lenses are there, along with the screws and seals.:pimp:

Magikal 02-20-2004 06:27 AM

yeah, the guy at Napa recommend LMC but you have to order a catalog to view the inventory (as I understood the site). Needless to say, the catalog has been ordered. Gonna try some junkyards but most of them are buried in 3-4 ft. of snow at the moment. :( This is just so frustrating. It is like the ONLY lens I need. Murphy's Law at work in full force I suppose and patience is a virtue!! LOL

Any other ideas guys?:pimp:

TooMany2count 02-20-2004 08:43 AM

I'm sure the suburbans are the same, so if they are here's the parts numbers right out of LMC catalog... here's what the book says.....joe

part #36-4226- left side- "A"Amber-$18.95
part #36-4227- rite side- "A"Amber-$18.95

part #36-4228- left side- "B"Amber-$18.95
part #36-4229- rite side- "B"Amber-$18.95

NOTE: "A" models equipped w/side molding
NOTE: "B" models equipped w/out side molding

Magikal 02-20-2004 02:45 PM

Thanx Joe. I still am gonna wait for the catalog. I want to see a pic before purchasing anything. I got off work early today so I am gonna go scope out a few junk yards and see what that produces. I appreciate your help.


ok, I went to a few junk yards and did manage to locate two new used lenses with minimal damage to them (including the chrome trim with them). Took a lot of searching. In this area, they don't inventory anything but simply point you in the direction of the "chevy graveyard" ...the rest is up to you. Finding non-damaged ones was hard and I still ended up w/ one with a piece of broken plastic but it was on the outside of the sealed part. A little hot glue fixed that and you cannot even tell with them on the truck. Quite a bargain at $5 per lense. Got a few other small items while I was there. Hurray. Thanx all!!

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