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Originally Posted by jimfulco
I strongly suspect that if the dampers were not necessary, the manufacturers would not have spent millions of dollars putting them on virtually every engine they produced for I don't know how many years.
I concur, if anyone had any idea how cheap Detroit is, they'd know for certain that if an engineering device is included, its been tested for effectiveness and is found to be necessary.

The fact that people take a modified engine beyond where such devices are designed to go and then make pronouncements that these things aren't effective are missing the point that inside the design requirements established by the manufacturer, they do what they're intended to or else the Finance and Design to Cost people would make double dam sure they weren't there.

The subject of new spring materials has also come up. Well if you're using ovate section wire made from un-obtainium, wound in the beehive pattern and with differential rates of coil spacing, then they don't necessarily need gadgets to reduce rate harmonics. But if the thing is using round wire sections made from tool steel, with constant rate diameters and coil spacing, then this ain't the rocket science stuff and you've got to fall back on the old tried and true methods to dampen rate harmonics out of the spring.

The originator of this thread needs to realize that if he goes where the spring can't control it's harmonic reactions, the cost liability when a piston meets a bouncing or trailing valve is going to far exceed the cost of sucking a little oil down the guide.

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