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67Mustang Al. 06-04-2012 05:41 AM

wind whistling quarter vent
No doubt there are remedies for wind noise in quarter vents so i am open to any suggestions.
So far i have renewed all window seals when i had the car stripped to bits. I had the quarter frames rechromed and i rebuilt them with all new weather seals. The door frame perimeter seals and corresponding body seals are new. The doors have new hinge pins and fit really well . The quarter vents have new handles fitted as well to pull the glass tightly into the seals. The drivers side is the only side that is a problem although both sides appear identical in the way the quarter glass fits the seals and door to body seals. :evil:

timothale 06-04-2012 06:51 AM

wind noise
Wind noise occured various times during the manufacturing run. .the problem is trying to find exactley what is causing it.. I wrote a few problem reports and the fixes varied from using a piece of "Dum Dum" sealer (similar to kids molding clay) under the weatherstrip or in and intersection corner, etc, to inserting a piece of foam rope inside the tubular weather strips. Have you used a stethescope to try to find where it is coming from. there were a few cars built using a blank vin tag pop riveted to the body before weatherstrip was installed to hold the W/strip from puckering or act as an air diversion.

67Mustang Al. 06-04-2012 07:25 AM

Wind noise.
Thanks for your reply. So you were there during the production run. Iwould like to see your reports.They would make interesting reading.I had nt thought of the stethoscope so that is worth a try. There was no blank vin tag from memory holding any seals in place so i can eliminate that i think. The foam rope in the door seal is worth a try if i can pin in down to that spot. My hearing is less than average which makes it more of a challenge to pin it down. I think the noise is coming from A, B or C.?? I used dynamat to quieten the interior right down as the 347 is not the quietest power plant to have. It worked well as the only noise is the whistling wind.
Your corner fix with kids clay could be the go too so i will try all your suggestions.
Thanks for your help here.

dinger 06-04-2012 08:22 AM

A common way of finding the wind noise is by duct taping the various suspected areas one piece at a time and a test drive. When you quit hearing the noise, you've found the spot where the air is leaking.

Irelands child 06-04-2012 08:44 AM

Al - I don't recall which Ford it was, but I had to replace flip locks on the vent windows to stop the wind noise. Yeah, I know, those parts are made out of non-obtanium in your part of the world, but I would guess that the next time you have to place an order with your favorite Mustang parts supplier they would be more then happy to take your AU dollars.

Dave W

timothale 06-04-2012 10:10 AM

foam rope
I don't rememaber which years used the tubular weatherstrips. the foam rope was about 1/4 in dia. the procedure was to insert about a 6 in piece into a modified blow nozzel , the nozzel had a 8 in piece of steel tube brazed to the end, the weather strips has small air bleed holes along its length . insert the nozzel into a bleed hole , pinch where you wanted the foam to stop , then blow it into place. Alot of the fixes lasted until the supplier revised the parts. I asked If I could have all the mustang documemtation in my office to take home and keep. I said the Mustangs were going to be like Model A Fords, restored and kept running forever. Ford said No way Confidentual information. They fired and engineer that sold a document package to japanese manufactures. In the 60's a lot of Japaneese engineers toured the US manufacturiing companies. They were amazed at the Auto feed screw guns used to fasten the rear valance panel to the body.

67Mustang Al. 06-04-2012 07:35 PM

Wind noise
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Thanks Tim , Dave and dinger.
The replacement door weather strip i fitted is an oval section without air breather holes so maybe the strip i have is an updated version of the vented tubular type. I will try dingers idea too with the masking tape removal. Putty in the intersecting corners seems like a likely spot as well.
You were spot on with your comment Tim about Mustangs being like T models.I have managed to buy every nut and bolt from Must. Country, Cal. If you had that documentation now you would be King Tim and most likely not sell it overseas. You would have books published. The Mustang i have may have passed by you in the factory at Dearborn in June of "67 (marti report) ??????
The local auto Bearing Factory here where i put in 9yrs ,shared product info with the Cleveland Graphite Bronze Co.back in the 70's to make their range of cams, rods, mains etc.
Cheers from downunda.

timothale 06-04-2012 11:40 PM

sunny Calif
I worked in sunmy Calif in the San Jose Assembly plant, Vin code R , from the old Richmond Calif factory. I usually spent 2 to 3 weeks in Dearborn reviewing the new models for assembly feasabiliyty and they had a spot on the blue prints for my signiture.

67Mustang Al. 06-05-2012 01:36 AM


Originally Posted by timothale
I worked in sunmy Calif in the San Jose Assembly plant, Vin code R , from the old Richmond Calif factory. I usually spent 2 to 3 weeks in Dearborn reviewing the new models for assembly feasabiliyty and they had a spot on the blue prints for my signiture.

You must have interesting photo albums and memorabilia of the period Tim. The vin i have is 7FO1C....... so that would predate your time at Richmond and Dearborn. If you have any pics of the plant back then you want to put out there i would be happy to have a look

timothale 06-05-2012 07:35 AM

I've forgot more than I ever knew
I starated in 64, yours is a 67 , built in dearborn, 289 2 barrel, I used to have all the interior trim,glass, electral part numbers memorized and knew most of the engineering change details. Four 2 inch thick notebooks of information, . the other engineers would come into my office and I could tell them the part number, document number and latest change. I was a rebel, when Ford hired me they said we could get a special deal on new cars, I went to see the guy that handled employee sales to order My 65 mustang and they said Mustangs were not on the list of cars with the discount , but they had a deal on 6 cyl falcons. So I put together a Buick mailhead powered Willys, Ford 9 in, Ford Wagon front brakes and drove it. I got a lot of static, but found pictures in the stock holders annual report of Willys Wagons ford of brazil was doing in partnership, using obsolete tooling removed from US factories.

Old Fool 06-06-2012 04:25 PM

Problem was fixed in 1969 and later Mustangs.

67Mustang Al. 06-06-2012 05:48 PM

dam whistle
sounds like Tim may have had something to do with the changes leading up to 69 by changing the section shape/strength of the body to door seals from oval to round which maybe gives more crush when the door closes. I have not won yet with the whistling 67 but still trying. could be a while

boothboy 06-07-2012 04:46 PM

Get some one to drive the car and take a length of heater hose sticking one end in your ear and moving the open end along the glass area until you locate the whistling point.Then take some children's clay Kif you can still buy it) and build up the area behind the window seal. keep doing this procedure until all is quiet.then go back and replace the clay with a more permanent material. I use to work at a Ford dealership in So. Cal. fixing the leaks that Tim missed!

Tim do you remember the spot weld on the rear roof seam under the stainless steel trim molding on the big Country Squire Wagon ( beautiful car) that would leak water and you could hear it rushing along both sides of the headliner? That one was fun to find!

67Mustang Al. 06-07-2012 06:38 PM

pool of knowledge
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Thanks for your reply boothboy. Between you and Tim with the amount of experience you have dealing with production line "upgrades" i most certainly will have to fix this problem. Getting someone else to drive the car is a problem as they are too scared to drive a left hand drive car. :) which leaves me.
I will try some blu tak and pack out the window weather strip . I am trying to see any differences between the LHS and RHS window seals/fit but to look at they are identical. Two vent windows , one whistle. May have to tie some heater hose to my left ear and go for a drive.

timothale 06-07-2012 06:48 PM

Not Me
We built mustangs, then Fairlane mixed in then pinto and mustang II , and I had pickups for a while. Never any big cars after falcolns I wrote so many problem reports on one designer he almost got fired, Ford still uses the truck jack handle hold down bolt I designed in 1979 , dog point , included washer and wing top that could be tightened on the assembly line with and air tool. Sometimes we just ignored the designers and did thing our own way. The Mustang tailight wiring harness 14405 was folded up and shipped to us, when installed in a mustang it would catch on the Qtr window and short out, We installed a truck clip to hold it in place but the bean counters said we were spending 3 cents more that was not authorized, They spent a hundred thousand in dealer repairs before they said we were right.

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