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Heck Larry, never get tired. Most of us are here simply trying to help others out. Unfortunately with this type of stuff it is much trickier. Would be much easier if it was a neighbor and I could simply hook my scanner up on a Saturday afternoon but this is the Internet and we are forced to try and guess and rely on previous failure patterns sometimes. If you could find someone willing to spend a little after-hours time with you for some cash that would be great. Basically the scantool allows you to monitor what voltage the PCM is seeing from the MLP while you are driving. During a glitch you would need to be able to 'see' the error. For example it may output 3.45V when your selector is in OD but while driving if that voltage dropped to 2.25V the PCM would think you just manually shifted gears. These are made up values as I don't have service manual info for your car. In the same manner the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) may be sporadically loosing it's signal. The PCM may think you are doing 35MPH when you are actually doing 50MPH and it is trying to downshift. You could guess and replace the MLP or VSS but I hate to see people spend money on a guess. This is the main thing that keeps me away (usually) from this type of situation over the Internet because I hate to feel responsible for anyone wasting their money on a bad guess. I hope you get a break soon somehow and get her fixed to let us know the fault. If you have questions as to how something works feel free to ask. We can tell you what any sensor does but finding a bad part over the Internet unfortunately is a bit more difficult. Happy Easter anyway.

PS. Just an add-on to give you an idea of what you are dealing with over a trans problem. A buddy of mine had a late model Explorer that would neutral out every time from a stop in Drive. If you manually shifted into 2 it would start off and then you could upshift into drive and she would shift right up into overdrive and lock up the converter like normal. As soon as you came to a stop she had to be shifted back into 2 again 'cause she had no first. The first three places he took it to told him he needed a trans and quoted him a few thousand dollars. Convinced it didn't need a whole trans (only 47,000 easy miles on her) he kept trying and the forth guy he took it to had this little two bay trans shop, nothing fancy and privately owned. The guy fixed it for a few hundred dollars and sent him happily on his way. I have witnessed guys misdiagnose transmissions that only needed a sensor for something because they just aren't trained right (at dealerships and independents) or can't spend the time on her like already mentioned. Unfortunately it is often easier to just say "needs a new one" than to repair her. My friend gave me that guys name and his shops phone number so I will have it. I checked around and apparently this guy holds a very good reputation. When I find an honest reputable person like that I keep that info handy for future reference.

PSS. To our transmission guys here at hotrodders do not take that last paragraph as a bashing on trans guys (I mentioned dealerships and independents not acting professionally) as I have seen just as many poorly trained engine mechanics as well selling bucketloads of engine parts because they couldn't find the problem the first time. Seems to many companies today just don't want to invest in well trained technicians for all types of repairs. Just my opinion.


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