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wiper issue 6 volt to 12 volt

I am having trouble finding information I can rely on when it comes to the wiper motor in my 52 truck. There are some great guys that know electrical very well on the mid eighties stuff ( which is where alot of my electrical components come from ) but when it comes to the earlier stuff they are not so knowledgeable and some of the guys that deal more with the earlier stuff are just throwing things out and from what I found really are not helping because they have no real world experience with what I am dealing with.

I am tired of buying something that someone recommends just cause they recommended it and then I am disappointed with how it works.

I would like to understand what I need and why I need it, here is what I have....

This is the stock wiper assy from my 52 truck, it is 6 volt, the truck only has 23.000 miles on it and I am certain that this part is not worn out/damaged in any way.

New 12 volt conversions not only need modifications and alot of aggravation to install but hinge on what I consider crap parts unlike this well made unit that fits perfectly within my truck. Also the new units are ridiculous in cost.

Years ago I put in this voltage reducer in line to make this wiper motor work at someones recommendation and it does work but this statement best describes the problem with this voltage reducer, this statement was made for reducers in general I guess and was not pinpointing the reducer I have used since this poster did not know at the time what I was using..........I can tell you for sure the resistor for the wiper motor does not work well. The resistor drops the voltage down, but the amount of drop depends on the current flow. On a blower motor it would probably work, but on the wiper motor, with a dry windshield, the motor has a lot of drag on it, so it draws a lot of current through the resistor, so the voltage has a large drop, and the motor barely moves the wipers. When the windshield is wet, there is less drag, so there is less current flowing to the motor, so there is less voltage drop, so your wipers are whipping back and forth too fast. It's not a good thing. ................

This is exactly what I have experienced with this resistor.

I have read over and over about a ceramic resistor that used to be avail made my Vol-Ta-Drop that would have supposedly worked but evidently these are no longer made however ceramic resistors are still being made but I just dont want to buy the first one that the guy recommends when I call on Mon just because he is over there, I am over here and he dosent have to deal with the headaches when it does not work like I think it should.

I have read that these wiper motors originally used on 4-4.5 amps max but this was stated by someone that has led me astray a couple of times now and I am done relying on his in-put so this may or may not be correct.

I would like this 6 volt electric wiper motor assy to operate just like it did when new when the truck was 6 volts. I now have 12 volts and do not want to damage this motor in any way because they are un-obtainable. Is this possible?

Thanks for any help with this!

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