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bullheimer 10-10-2009 10:45 AM

wire terminal broke off 2-wire alternator
it doesnt seem to have much affect on my charge. when i run i am at zero amps on my ampmeter (stock 56 truck gauge). when i rev it it shows alittle more. i forgot where this wire that fell off goes to (bad, cause i rewired the whole truck myself) i have the wiring diagram, but as they say, if it aint broke, don't fix it. my battery isnt discharging but i havent and dont drive it at night. my question is this,

WHY doesn't it seem to matter that this wire fell off???

i have a one-wire kit i would install if it made any dif. sb

sprecher48 10-10-2009 11:19 AM

re:wire fell off
why don't you put a voltmeter on it and see if it's charging properly? 13-14.5 should be ok,check with the lights on and any other electrical things on and see if it drops below 12.5 volts. :thumbup: tom

T-bucket23 10-10-2009 03:16 PM

Are you sure it is not a 3 wire with a 1 wire kit in it. try pulling to connector with the 2 wires in it and see if it still charges. On a standard 10si I dont think it will work with either of the smaller wires disconnected. I is required to get the alternator going and the other is used to regulate voltage.

bullheimer 10-11-2009 10:22 AM

yeah i need to pull my head out. probably just not regulating and taking a chance on baking something. will at least work on this today-sun- pull out my wiring diagram and if something is screwing up put in my one wire alt. kit. could prolly use a new belt anyway if it goes round my power steering pump. sometime i like to stay ignorant and pretend nothings wrong. then i don't have to fix it. (until it's too late)

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