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Stutch 04-12-2003 07:21 PM

I am rewiring an old car and am having trouble finding the correct color coded wires, could anyone help me find a place to get wiring that is hard to find like wire with tracers, and other hard to find colors, guage 12-18.

chevy1 04-12-2003 08:31 PM

Here's a company I like to order from. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Joe 04-13-2003 01:18 PM

J.C.Whitney also sells wire, all colors,sizes and lengths. Very reasonable prices.

Stutch 04-13-2003 07:24 PM

I have looked at the jc whitney site and the waytak site and they only seem to have the solid colors and do not offer the tracer marked wires that I am looking for. I may have missed something, so if you have any more ideas I'd sure like to hear them.

chevy1 04-13-2003 08:54 PM

Waytekwire does advertise in their catalog that they will make ANY wire with any color tracer strip. I've ordered wire from them in the past and have been very happy with their service.

bullheimer 04-14-2003 09:51 AM

i dont know about the tracer wire, but the guy if front of me has that covered. as far as solid stranded #12 you can get any color in the rainbow from home depot or lowes, they should be able to order it in #14 as well. $25 for 500 ft roll. i dont know why you would go out of your way to match some old *** wires tho

tejas34 04-20-2003 07:50 PM

You might try Mac's out of New York.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Stutch 04-22-2003 06:54 PM

I thank you folks for replying, but I still can't find a place that sells coloor coded wire with tracers. They seem to have high minimum orders and I only need a small amount. I should have mentioned that the car I'm restoring is a 1969 dodge charger.

Willys473 06-21-2003 10:36 AM

color coded wire with tracers
Have you tried ?
I don't know what color you are looking for,but they have a pretty good assortment.They only have 50 ft rolls listed on the web site, but if you contacted them, or one of thier dealers, you will probably be able to order smaller quantities.
Good Luck!

rnpit 06-21-2003 12:01 PM

You may want to try someone that supplies marine wire. I have seen tracer wire in our local marine shop.

rnpit 06-21-2003 12:31 PM

Here's a site you may want to look into. They offer 14 colors of wire plus stripes.

78 monte 06-23-2003 07:00 AM

I hate to be the cheapskate but,I'd just go to the junkyard and hack off a couple harnesses.Your bound to come up with the right colors.Thats what I do I have a couple ratty donor harnesses in my 12V wire box.

EBlack36 06-23-2003 07:09 AM

For what you will spend on the junkyard harness you could buy and EZ Wire unit, I noticed in the latest issue of Street Rodder that they are on sale for 165.00. They are very easy to install. That is unless you have something about keeping things all original.:cool:

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