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wbmusarra 11-12-2003 02:42 PM

Wiring with fiberglass
New to the forum. I am building a replica of the GT40. It has a steel frame, pan, and fiberglass body. The kit was purchased unfinished. There was no wiring or hydraulics at all. The lights are in place without any bulbs, just some wiring connectors. I plan to put in a guage filled dashwith several toggle switches for the accessories. The turn signals, ignition and horn will all be on the dash as well. I plan to install several things that most GT40 replicas don't have, such as neutral safety switch, rear view camera ( rear vision is like in the Lotus Turbo Esprit, virtually non existant). Interior lighting and security stuff like Lojack etc. This is a mid engine setup with a Ford 351, multiport fuelinjection, DIS ignition setup probably by Electromotive. There will be three fuel pumps ( two low pressure from each sill tank, and one high pressure one to the EFI), and a return line with switching to the tanks (probably the F150 dual tank setups).
My question is about wiring harnesses. I have researched the forum and have seen a lot on EZ, but have no experience with it nor have any of my friends. I have catalogs from Painless and American Autowire. I know EZ is cheaper and American runs around 3-400$. The American seems to be more "complete" to me with all the accessories (bulkhead disconnects, universal ground splice sys. integrated power tap connectors etc). Being only limited in my knoledge of auto wiring ( I have worked on cars most of my life and I hold a Masters defree in medical science, so I know about wiring) I will defer to the knowledge base. The only fiberglass is the body as all panels and flooring will be stainless steel. What have been you guys experience, or what would you suggest? I live in the Atlanta, Stone Mountain area.

302 Z28 11-13-2003 05:18 AM

Painless makes a generic wiring kit for street rods, and that is the one I am going to use for my glass 34 project. As you suspect the grounding is very different on a glass car. I am planning on placing grounding terminal strips at strategic locations to facilitate grounding. You application wil probably use a generic kit, with your modifications for your car. At best the generic kit is just a starting point and will provide all the standard things like alt, starter, lamps and others. You will have to add or modify the wiring to incorporate what other functions you desire. You will become a wiring expert in the process.;)


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