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Wiring gone bad (terribly bad)

I just bought my 65 Mustang. When I got her, she was running great and I cruised all around. But I got up one morning to take her out and she wouldn't start. I replaced the starter and .... that wasn't it. Sooooo I jumped her like I should have in the first place and she kicked to life, only to stall out when I turned on the lights! Viola!!! Alternator problem. So I checked my wiring and I had the ground disconnected (came this way). I reconnected the ground and no help so I took out the alternator (which was fried) and got a new one!! Problem solved .... NOPE! I, being the genuise that I am and of course needing no help, wired the damn thing wrong. See I've never been much of an electrical man ... give me a math problem or mechanical issues and I'll fix her no prob with no manual, but not electrical. So I hooked my battery hookup on the alternator to (which I didn't know at the time) the positive side of the starter switch

So ..... I started her up and much to my surprise the starter wouldn't shut off (great right?) so I tried to disconnect the ground on the starter switch to shut it down (which worked twice) and smoke started coming out of the damn thing! Now is the time to mutter ******* under your breath while reading this! It's ok .... becuase I am in the situation. So.....we come to my question.

I'm assuming that I need a new starter switch, I should prolly get a new voltage regulator, rewire everything with new wiring, and get a new solenoid(that can't be spelled right). How would I go about checking to see if the solenoid and voltage regulator are fried? If I crank the engine and the starter jumps to life and them dies when I stop cranking do I need a new starter switch (the thing that smoke came out of)? Though I will prolly replace that lovely piece of electrical gagdritry anyway. I there anything else I should check/double check/triple check before hooking the battery back up and trying to fire my baby up. I don't want to screw up anything anymore than I already have ....

Thanks a ton in advance everyone ... and I am an idiot about electricity so go on ahead and tell me, I won't take any offense to it!

OH BTW ... the positive on the alternator does go to the positive on the solenoid ... RIGHT?


Help me get my baby running please ....
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