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tylerwerrin 01-13-2011 07:33 PM

wiring reverse lockout solenoid for LT1/T56
Hi Guys,

I've pulled my automatic tranny and old LT1 engine, and replaced it with a Camaro engine w/ T56. I am having some difficulties finding out how to wire for the transmission's reverse lock out solenoid using the LT1's PCM. I've read that some guys wire up the reverse lockout solenoid by wiring it to the brake switch. However, I'd like to stick to stock if it is possible.

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 1993-97 T56 for a Camaro that I could use? I just need to know what pins on which connector operate the reverse lockout, and i can just simply run a couple wires to a metripack connector.

Any help with this would be much appreciated...

vicrod 01-14-2011 02:35 PM

The '93 to '98 Camaro used the PCM (terminal #6) to complete the circuit to ground to the rev. lockout solenoid thus energizing it above 3 mph.
The solenoid is powered by an ignition ON fused circuit.
Diagram is available on the Autozone site.


tylerwerrin 01-14-2011 03:46 PM

hey vicrod,

so i pulled up Shbox's diagram:

the D6 connector is part of my harness -- since i'm running an automatic harness i'll just use the wire that is currently in place. Where does the ground come in though?

Judging from here:

It looks like the plug has 2 wires -- would i just wire the second black (ground) to any available ground? Or does it need to complete it's circuit through the PCM?

vicrod 01-15-2011 05:21 PM

The PCM completes the circuit to ground through the terminal C6 identified as reverse inhibit solenoid. I would do a test to make sure that it works as advertised as the car was an auto trans. Someone on the board may have more knowledge about the various programming details of the PCM. The PCM may need to reflashed or something for a man. trans. feature to work.
To test you can probe the C6 (lt. green wire) terminal with a test light to make sure it go to ground above 3 mph.


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