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Ok, i'm a woodworker .... if you need it to fit curved corners, I'd suggest forgetting the flat plywood you have, buying a stick of 1X4 of the wood you like. Then 'rip' it on a table saw into 4 - 3/32" or so strips (4" X 3/32" X how ever long to wrap from door to door + a little extra). Make 3 dozen L's about 4" high with a 3" or so foot. A diagonal brace is recommended too, so these little L's will hold their 90degree angles. Then draw the curves, like looking straight down, onto a sheet of plywood and screw these L braces along the outside of the curved line about 3/4" - 1" apart. Soak those ripped strips in water overnight. Then place a bendy strip of something, like thin masonite, along the line and against the L's. Glue one side of strip one, place the unglue side up against the bendy masonite. Glue both sides of the next 2 strips and slap them in there then glue one side of the strip you want to show (the last strip) and put that up against the others. Cover this 'sandwitch' with another strip of bendy masonite and clamp this 'sandwitch' to each L (the masonite is to protect the glued wood strips from indenting from the L's and clamps).
Follow that? It's like you're making your own curved plywood.
Let that all dry a couple days, then unclamp, trim the edges, round over the inside corners, stain/finish and apply (glue/screw).
It's a long way around, but it's the way to do it right.
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