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I blew up on the painter today!

So today we get in a huge argument. So we're working on this yellow charger and it's a cheapie job. We weren't stripping it so what was noted upon initial inspection is what was paid for, but since it was a dull yellow, after blocking on it we realized there was much more needed than what was paid for in the estimate. So I block the decklid and at first I see two shallows. I fill them and block. I then realized the shell is pushing up against skin and there's no access from the backside. So I use a dinging spoon and hammer and gently lower those high spots adhered to the skin and fill. So I then fill and by the time I feel it's half way decent nearly half the decklid has filler. So I'm kind of concerned with time so I let it go before it was perfectly straight. It was a judgement call, and sometimes you have to do that in a shop. So in t So the painter gripes about it and to make a long story short I tell him 2-3 times it's not a big deal for me to take the decklid back and finish it, and I also told him it was judgment call, I knew it was there, but I felt I had to stop at some point being it wasn't a high dollar job. And that's the thing, with low dollar jobs that look good YOU have to pick and choose where you skimp and where you don't. I knew what it was going to look like and the car is gonna be damn good for the amount paid. So after I tell him I'll take it back(which should have been his point after all) he's adament that I don't take it back and he's just gonna prime it. So then he goes and primes it and comes back out moaning after the first coat. At that point I was mad. My work is good and here he is trying to talk to me like I'm his punching bag. In a nut shell, he was right for bringing it up but let's work together AS A TEAM and you'll have your decklid in 20-30 minutes. Noooooooooo, he just wanted to prime it so he can then come back out and cry about it more. I angrilly said, "why are you telling me this after you primed it when I said it wasn't a problem for me to go back over it?" So basically what he did was just wanted to use the opportunity to have leverage. During the argument the boss heard me say everything he's been secretly telling us about how he feels about him and how everybody in the shop feels the same. I also told him that he picks and chooses what he criticizes and it happens to never be about his work. So you got him over here griping about a tiny wave that I had no problem re-addressing and it's the end of the world in his eyes yet when he's forced to commission and gets a burn thru it's perfectly normal "procedure" to just "touch it up"... YEAH RIGHT! and it was never brought to HIS attention cause he's taking the boss for a ride. Anyhow, I left work early and the boss just called me to tell me not to worry about my job and he's getting canned at the end of the month, just long enough to give him time to finish up some of his own personal jobs.

As Brian said, there's much I still can learn from this to control what I can control and that is more restraint. I took a lot from that jerk but I still need to learn to keep cool when someone's keeping cool but being a total dirk. I could have easily gotten fired but through the whole ordeal with this jerk everyone's feelings were mutual about him so I think my boss understood.
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