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bigdog7373 08-09-2012 10:33 AM

Worth fixing? (also, a very weird discovery)
First off, I'd like to start by saying that if you have a rusty car, please please PLEASE don't fill it full of bondo and sell it as "rust free". Only reason it's rust free is because bondo doesn't rust!!

I did some more sanding, trying to get the whole car to bare metal, but i found a few spots with some bondo. So today i took the wire wheel to a few rusty/bondo areas and made some gruesome discoveries. The worst part of it is that i've only gotten to the top half of the car (from the tops of the wheel wells up) so far.
Now for the pictures. I'm not sure if it's worth patching it or if i should just get new metal since it's so full of bondo.
This is the back right quarter near the rear window. Yes that is mesh to hold the bondo.

Here's the back right wheel well. It's hard to see but there's actually no metal there at all. All bondo from the bottom up about 5 inches

Here's the front left fender up by the hood. There's no metal here either. I know there's bondo in the lower part too, just haven't gotten there to see how much.

And here's the weird discovery. As i started going through the paint, ridiculously thick primer, and the bondo, a steady stream of discusting water started pouring out from the panel. A good quart of it.

Should i just buy new metal? I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle to fix. I have to take it all of anyway.

OneMoreTime 08-09-2012 10:44 AM

Now you get to learn about how to make patch panels..perhaps you can find some pieces from a wreck to cut patches out of..Not to worry this is how e learn about doing this stuff...


FmrStrtracer 08-09-2012 11:42 AM

If the seller represented the car as rust free, you can sue and collect damages.

MARTINSR 08-09-2012 11:47 AM

Yeah if you recently bought it I would be thinking about a small claims court visit. Get a few estimate on how much to repair and sue him for the max in small claims.

Is it repairable, sure it is just start doing it, a long walk starts with the first step.


bigdog7373 08-09-2012 11:58 AM

That was 3 years ago, no way i'm ever gonna find the guy.
Also under the rear window inside the car is really rusty. I think if i take out the window i can get a better look at what it actually needs. Just not sure if it's worth it to put patches everywhere or if i should just get new metal?

It's definitely getting done, just want to go about it the smartest way possible.

FmrStrtracer 08-09-2012 03:41 PM

If new metal is available, I think it would be foolish to patch things together.

1971BB427 08-09-2012 04:13 PM

With what I've seen in "new metal" replacement parts, I personally would rather fix factory parts if they are fixable. I had such a bear of a time with the repop parts on my '71 Camaro when I replaced front fenders and valance. Horribly fitting, and I'd have been much better off fixing the old fenders. The valance was not saveable either way.

bigdog7373 08-09-2012 07:01 PM

Mesh removed. Thats a big hole:pain:

Localboy808 08-10-2012 01:51 AM

That lower quarter where the water poured out is pretty telling isn't it? That's why that spot rusted out to begin with I'm guessing. Design flaw IMO. If I were going to replace it I might want to add a drain hole if I could. Hopefully where you couldn't see it. Hard to tell from the pictures. But it looks like you might be able to just weld in some small patch panels without replacing a whole panel? Like the one with the mesh.

bigdog7373 08-10-2012 08:44 AM

Yea i'll check it out. I also could have been because of the huge hole too since it's on the same panel. Whatever caused it i'll definitely fix.
Can anyone give me a basic how to on removing the rear quarters?

boatbob2 08-10-2012 09:14 AM

what kind and year of car? it may be easier to find a better car,unless its a collectible.

bigdog7373 08-10-2012 09:54 AM

It's a 78 firebird. It's in perfect mechanical condition. Doing the body, then suspension, then interior and shes done. It's completely driveable right now.

123pugsy 08-10-2012 01:30 PM

Hey Dog.

Is this the same car you just bought back?

bigdog7373 08-10-2012 01:40 PM


Originally Posted by 123pugsy (Post 1581755)
Hey Dog.

Is this the same car you just bought back?

yep:spank: I kinda knew what i was getting in to, but didnt realize it had so much bondo. It was literally undectectable. Only reason i found that big hole was becasue there was a little bubble by the window and i followed it all the way down the trunk line. I wanted a project and that's what i got. I love this body style and i love this car in particular. But it just sucks that this crap was on the car the whole time and i never realized it. I would rather have been able to see a giant rust hole and know what it needs than have to find out it's been rigged.

geezer69 08-10-2012 04:34 PM

you can make patch pannels for it if you have to. it can be done with purdy crude tools too. it takes time but metal is easy to find.

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