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Trav 09-30-2003 07:52 PM

Worth fixing my beetle??
i bet most of u guys don't concider a beetle a hot rod eh? well anyways.. i got 3 cars at the moment.. my 01 trans am.. my 79 chevy 4x4 pick up and my 74 super beetle convertible.. the truck is a project in the making and the beetle im not sure about yet.. its totaly rusted out.. and im not sure if it would be worth it to stripe it down and get all the rust out.. ? do u think this car has value? well i guess they kinda do now that they don't makin anywhere anymore.. but to raplace/ repair everything from the frame to rust spots on every panel not sure if i should go for it.. its for sale right now.. has bin for 6 months.. but no ones interested cuz its rusted out.. mecanicly its in good condition... just rusty body.. im a local big rig driver and im home every nite.. and weekends.. so i got plenty time to tear it apart.. and some spending cash also.. but i em paying for my 01 trans am still every month.. and its parked.. but then again my grandpa loves VW's and says he no's a guy who tears em down and rebuilds them for a living.. so he said if i need parts let him no.. but its the fact of all the work and keeping the car i can't decide wut to do... was gona try to sell it for enough money for a lift kit in my pick thing i'd wana do for sure if i fixed it was fix up the motor to at least 200 hp... so it'll fly.. but from the looks of it.. it'll cost near 5 grand to do that.. i'd do the work myself.. but parts arnt exaclty cheap.. i'll post my site on here and u guys can take a look at it if u want.. also is my trans am and pick up.... im just stuck here.. dont' wana sell it then regrete it down the road..

HemmiGremmie 10-01-2003 07:26 PM

Cant speak for everyone, but I think bugs are the coolest! If you have the time, cash and desire, Id go 4 it. Ive seen them bugs hit some pretty darn fast times on nothing but motor. Build ya big ole 2500+cc motor and let her fly. Just my 02 cents worth. HG

corona jon 10-02-2003 07:31 AM

as cheap as vw parts are i think its horrible that everyone doesnt own one (including myself)... i mean what other car can you get front fenders for 40$ on... pick up a vw sence (i think thats it) magazine... they have lots of parts in them from frames to tube frames floor pans crate engines ect... 200hp will cost you a great deal... and will be a lot of motor on that little car... probly 125 or so would be more than enough spunk... a friend of mine is putting a 180hp subaru motor in his bug... you can buy kits for it and itll probly end up being a good bit more reliable than a pretty maxed out vw motor... but still a screamer in street vws terms

6567GTO 10-02-2003 12:09 PM

Bugs are cool if done the right way. Here's a thread where I posted some links to pics of some radically customized bugs. Check 'em out.

RetroJoe 10-03-2003 12:33 AM

Bugs are cool! Fix it up! I had a 69' vert that I wish I would have kept.

Silnod 11-05-2003 01:55 PM

I would keep it man, I have seen some bugs waist porsches. What I would do is look up how to throw a porsche engine into one of those little things, you would be moving pretty good. i would just becarefull not to roll it.

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