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needs a 10" 3500+ stall and long tube headers and the right Isky springs. I told you you need the 10" 3500 stall converter, didn't I.
Its a powerfull cam with the right stuff.... but a bit much for your purpose.

The Lunati is the right camshaft for the job with what you got, and what you are trying to achieve. I B-T-D-T with this kind of stuff. This cam has a nicer nature that you won't get tired of. You will enjoy your car. its got plenty of thump. a will make lots of power and torque right where you need it.
Especially when you tighten up the valve lash a bit.

If you want a Isky brand camshaft similar to this they can custom make you one.
They have very similar isky "hi-rev" solid cam lobes well suited to that. All you need to do is call Isky.

Isky cam lobes #S-574 intake and #S-404 exhaust ground on a 110LSA or 112LSA for your car and exhaust system.
Use a isky 235D valve spring at least.

Cam specs would be 274° in 282°ex 242°in -247°ex @.050" .495in -.507"ex 110LSA or 112LSA Let them detemine that when they take your order. You Degree it in when installing it making sure its a bit advanced (104 to 107intake C/L)
Hot lash will be .016in .018ex. Isky cams work really good.

The catalog cams are just a small sample of whats available.

If you want to use a snotty 106 LSA cam get long tube headers. and a 3500+ converter... Ya it matters.
The cam and headers-exhaust system must be a good match. They work together.
The 106LSA cams need a loose converter stall to idle correctly in gear.
Do not get all carried away, you won't like it.

You can download and check out the Isky cam lobe charts. Do not get all nuts on valve lift with a near stock valve train on your 305 heads. It won't work.

If you want a cam recomendation: call Isky Cams and ask for one. Do not tell them what cam you want. Cause if you do that , thats the cam you will get. Tell them what you got and what you want to achieve and how you will be using the car.

They will recomend the "right" best custom camshaft (based on your information and their years and years of doing this right.) and the right springs and lifters and custom grind it for you.. They can ship to your door. All you got to do is pay for it. They are a custom cam grinding company. Thats their business.

Give Isky a call and see what they recomend for you. You might even get the Old Man on the phone.

The Lunati/Ultradyne camshaft is a real good cam that matches your car,engine , converter etc and purpose, real good. I been doing this for 35++ years.
And it don't hurt to call.

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