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11.7 I imagine that is key off, Thats all right to have as your front headlight is on. Mine has a off switch for the light. Any way, What is it at running?
Get it running again and uncrew the oil fill cap to see how much psi is in the crankcase, you will probobly need to cap off the breathers on the engine since it is an 80. That will give you some idea of how much blow by you have.
Do adjust the valves it is posible for you to be bleeding off cylinder psi if they are out of adjustment.
Are the cams stock cams? I know on the old Kaws you can put 750 and even Gpz 750 cams in the 650. These cams have longer duration and can effect compression.
As for the carbs you dont have to vacume sync them right know to get it running good. Just take a drill bit about the smallest one you have about this * big and slide it under the slide of the carb, do not force it at all. You want it to have a slight drag, like if you were checking with a feeler gauge. Adjust the slides that way. IF you have CV type carbs then you need to look through the carb and see how much sun light is showing through the buterfly and bore. Remember the smaller the adjustment the closer you will be.. This goes for both style carbs. Be sides have the carbs vacume synced is over ratted. I have had my carbs synced by a profetional and my bike had less power and didnt run as smooth. So I use the drill bit method.
As for the circuits on the carb you have a Idle wich is your Pilot (easily clogged and most bikes can go up one size due to the leaning of carburation for polutants) Idle air bleed for richening or or leaning the idle circuit, (turn in for more fuel turn out for more air. Some my have a starter jet wich is a jet to measure fuel with the chock/enrichening system on. Most carbs on bikes have a richening system, not a choke. Acelerator pump found in some carbs this injects fuel into the back of the air horn twords the engine. Main metering (center jet for some throttle response and mostly for WOT) Clip position for main metering wich moves the fuel curve. Make sure the jets are not clogged or have imperfections were a screw driver has scrathced them, especially on the head of the jet. This WILL efect mixture more then you think. I would just replace them and be carefull on installing them. Do not over tighten .

These bikes have a mechanical type of advance unit for the ignition make sure that it is lubed and working with no binding. Also check the timing.
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