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chevymastermind 07-07-2007 04:14 PM

would this exhaust sound good?
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hi everyone right now i have a 350 (comp cams XE268 cam 380HP) chevy in my 71 nova and the exhaust i put on it is to loud for the street without attraction cops attention! right now i have hooker headers to 3"-2.5" reducers and 3 foot section of chambered pipe (powerstick) then 2 turndowns. it is way loud but i like the sound of it just not for when im driving to work in the morning or school so what i was thinking was to keep the curent exhaust on it just extend it with tail pipes and mufflers. and so i was thinking this is how it would go...hooker headers,reducers from 3"-2.5", then the chambered pipe, then transition into 3" pipe, over the axle into Flowtech warlock mufflers (the mufflers that you can uncap) so when the cap is on the car would be really really quiet. but would that sound good with the cap on? and with the cap off it would sound exactly how it does now it would just be coming out in the back of the car. is that a good idea? this is my daily driver to work and school and to hangout with freinds/chick magnet. soooooo would it sound good or would it be too quiet and restrictive with the caps on?

thank you in advance

american muscle rulz 07-07-2007 04:32 PM

you would still have i nice little rumble
BUUT depending on your laws i would try running glasspacks right beside the tranny and all straight pipe that dumps out in front of the rear wheels did it on my car sounds very good the cops dont care and droped a few tenths
on the loud scale with 10 being the loudest i would give it 6.5
hope this helps

chevymastermind 07-08-2007 04:37 PM

any other opinions?

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