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$.02 from me. I'm not usually one for entering piddling matches either (I don't have the bladder for it...), but on this one I feel I need to. I'm actually going to play Devil's advocate for a moment. If you guys took a moment and looked closely at this young guy's most recent posts in the engine section, he's improving his typing. Shows that he is trying. Granted, he's got a bit of an attitude currently, but who wouldn't in his shoes.

Think about this for a moment. Some people have a rough time with learning. Let's face it, conventional schooling is not for everyone. Without ever meeting 427 in person, how can anyone here judge his "lack of education"? So what if he has problems with using a spell checker as long as he gradually keeps improving. Give him another chance before ripping into him. If he continually has poor grammar issues, by all means, pick away.

All of this can all come back to us. The same stuff goes with building a car. How many here could at 17 build a car top to bottom and start to finish by themselves? I'm betting some here still can't. I know I can't. However, I'm still going to try and learn to do it. That's why I'm here, and that's also what probably drew 427 to the board. That's also why I'd guess most of the rest of you are here, too.

427, this part is aimed more for you.

WOW i subscribed to this website thinking i could look up to enthusiasts that could educate me. But it seams you guys are to intrested on spelling and grammatical error than the passion of building engins. Congrats on shooting down the youth of this country way to go there.
Attitude shown like this will do nothing to foster good learning, or the bettering of any member here. As has already been stated several times to you, if you ask clear questions (with as much readable info as possible), you will get usable answers in return. IMO, you currently have two choices.

1. Gather up some gut strength, dump the attitude, accept the facts that have been laid out before you, and stay with us to better yourself. Heck, we may eventually learn from you.

2. Do the one thing that shows true weakness and leave without learning a single thing all the while passing the blame off to someone else.

The ball is in your court. Do with it as you will.

In a while, Chet.
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