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Originally Posted by Irelands child View Post
Well it almost appears that some of the usual suspects have succeeded in driving away one more new member by not answering his question and telling him all he needs is a bigger engine/cam/carb/mufflers/rear gears, you name it. I'm sure he would like to exchange that 289 for a mega monster - but that's not what he want to do for whatever reasons. He may have become a valued, contributing member of Hotrodders, but suspect he will go elsewhere as so many others have.


My answer to his question - Most likely neither 'H' or 'X' will totally stop exhaust popping if the mufflers are straight through types.
I had a good friend that bought one of those 66 galaxie's when they were new cars with the 289 then regretted it and tried all the hot rod tricks to force a little engine to move a really huge, heavy car. I'll be one to admit to suffering from the scarcasim of having been there, done that and didn't think the outcome was worth the time, cost or effort. Even that big and fancy exhaust system is going to cost a lot of money and not solve the problem, more likely to make it even worse but of course it will transfer to a bigger engine in the future.

The problem is insufficient torque from a 289 with which to launch this 4000 pound monster. Adding camshaft will degrade what torque this engine has right where it's needed the most. I suppose that with the cam he can add gears to move the RPM band up where the horsepower is being made in sufficient quantitiy to overcome the lack of lower end torque. But my experience in these matters tells me that for a Saturday night cruiser he'll be happier by cutting through the chase and going with a 351 keeping it in the engine family or going to the then optional FE block preferably at 390 but 352 would do while 410 to 428 would be a dream to putt behind on main street. Perhaps even the 302, which is a stroker on the 289, would help put some force-in-motion where it's needed.

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