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throttle rod

This throttle rod came from Speedway - it fits on a "ball stud" that is mounted to the lever on the carb. Speedway (and Holley) and probably Edelbrock sell the ball studs - the big end on the Speedway rod snaps over the ball and is secured with a cotter. This rod (which comes in several lengths) was bent to accomodate both my Demon ...and the Ford-o-Matic tranny kickdown. I got the right size of die and threaded it to match the Ford adjustment nut.

This carb is mounted on a Moroso 1/2'" spacer/isolator that has the bore taper cut from 1-11/16 down to the 1-7/16 size. Saves any modification of the iron manifold.

A word of warning (since this motor has set a while) - old idle Y's have "sticking valve syndrome". They can be very tough on pushrods on a cold start - the original type push rods were a very small diameter and solid - very low column strength. Later pushrods were tubular 5/16 diameter and much sturdier, hopefully you've got them. The valve covers are mounted with two studs each - get a pair of new gaskets - pull the covers - and squirt some lube on the valve stems as best you can. Make sure it has a full set of 16 pushrods - sometimes these engines get a nasty "miss" and people just park them without looking under the valve covers. Bent pushrods often just fold up and slip down into the valley! And many mechanics have just put in another pushrod and run them as is. The good news is - the pushrod can't get into any trouble down in there so don't panic. Many old Y's are torn down to find two or three "spare" pushrods inside.

These are solid lifter engines, shaft mounted, and the oil feed comes up through the shaft stands and shaft to each rocker. There is a small tube on each shaft that sends the extra oil back down toward the crankcase. Unlike a chebbie - this motor will easily run with no covers and not soak the exhaust manifolds. Starting an old cold motor with the covers off is not a bad idea. So long as the motor can get oil pressure to the main, rod and cam bearings - you can get her to go. You will soon learn how to adjust the solid lifters (an old and time honored mechanics tradition).
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