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Originally Posted by 69 widetrack View Post

he's the new painter. Great guy but is used to production buffing. Didn't sand up to the edges, didn't buff it to a shine enough, little pigtails from the trizac, but it's a forgiving color. Boss wants us to pick his work apart at the moment so before we left we were raping his work-lol The old man was picking apart more than me but I reminded him of he current temps. So far so good with this guy and the boss will just relay back to him what we say to keep things cool at the start.
I don't want to come across as a jerk or start a rift...but...I suppose I look at things a little differently and I'll be the first guy to accept constructive critisism. I also appreciate that the boss wants staff with more tenure to be critical of the new painter's work. I'm also sure that the new painter needs to become accustomed to perhaps new and different ways that the shop he's working at now does things and I don't know how many hours of polishing he has in the job and what it looked like before he did his buffing "magic". There are a lot of unknown's for me and everybody else that reads posts and looks at pictures on this forum.

I look at it this way, if I was the painter and I happened to read the 2 post's that where put up...I don't know, I think I'd be a little POed. Hey, the car looks great...even though it was a "10 K cheapie". If the boss wants the long term staff to critique the new guys work, that's great. I'm sure the boss and the painter would appreciate a positive critisism with a solution attached. I always worked better when I was the new guy and the more experienced guy took me aside and told me what a potential problem was and how to fix it.

I try and put myself in other peoples shoes and try to anticipate how they might react to what I say and do. As you mentioned earlier, the boss wants you and others with the knowledge and experience that you have to keep an eye on the new guy. The new painter is under pressure already because he is new and it's obvious from the pictures that you've posted in this thread and others that you and the shop team you work with put out quality work, it shows...again, the car looks suggestion would be to maybe keep what the boss wants, with respect to the new painter, in the shop. Please don't be offended, but, if the painter was posting on this site and mentioned (as you did) that the body work could have been straighter...I don't know, everybody is different, but for me, if I say it, it's one thing, if somebody else says it...especially on a public's another.

Just thinking of the ramifications if the painter happened to read these comments...and hopefully you understand that this is friendly advice. The new painter has talent, that's obvious, you mentioned he's a great guy, that's a bonus, the boss respects you enough to critique his work, that shows your respected...the car looks great, the painter had a hand in that. You never know who reads these threads. Last month, an old friend of mine that I hadn't talked to in a few years phoned me and asked if it was me that was posting on this forum...he said "he recognized my voice by the way I wrote".

Not trying to offend, just suggesting.

Best to you in this Holiday Season.

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