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You're a Tool Box!

For the younger people on this forum, who struggle with having to go to school, I have a little message for ya! My Toolbox talk ! It's really not that bad. Read it with an open mind, and see what you think.

You are a toolbox !
Life has taught me one simple thing. Your a toolbox. Odd analogy, huh? But as a kid, going through school, you are but a toolbox. You start Kindergarten with a little Craftsman box with the handle on top. Every single class you take is a free tool that the taxpayers in your area, are GIVING you. English is a screwdriver, Math is an open end wrench, and so forth. These are all freebies ! If you chose to embrace the gift, and learn how to use it, it will be in your box forever. If you choose to ignore, or reject it, you will have to deal with the consequence. When you enter college (hopefully), those free tools will help you. Those "free" tools you rejected, you will now HAVE TO PAY FOR. When you graduate college, you have a huge roller cabinet of tools. Employers look for someone that has the tools and knows how to use them. (Unless they want you for grunt work,and then your expendable) The better the school, the better the tool. So the moral of this is, get all you can while its free. It just costs a little effort. Pay attention in school and the things "YOU'LL NEVER USE THAT IN REAL LIFE" will come to be quite useful. I wished I paid more attention back then !

Examples of "Stuff I'd NEVER USE"

Figuring radius's for rollbar fabrication. Tubing strength formulas to see what tubing will keep me alive without weighing 400 tons. Triangulating for strength, needing the angle to fishmouth the tubing. Calculating vehicle speed based on tire diameter,gearing,rpm, and drive ratio of transmission...... Besides, who's gonna count your money?

Funny thing about sponsors. They want you to be able to speak in the language that your nation speaks. The way you write a resume' speaks volumes about you. I review them often.

Social Studies:
This is a reach, but its history. The facts and figures that they dump on you may seem irrelevant. At some point in time, to argue your point effectively, you will need this mundane information to substantiate your claim. It also helps you form opinions and guides you on future journeys. "You won't make the same mistake twice". Plus it helps to know geography when you go on vacation!

Dude, you can't build a decent hot-rod without it. One word. Physics. Suspensions? Even earth science is helpful. Chemstry is what helps Top Fuelers get down the track faster. Flamespread of Nitromethane vs. pressure it can withstand without detonation.... NOS....need I go further?

There's a whole lot more examples, but I hope you see my point!

Empty Tool Box
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