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Originally Posted by techinspector1
I don't know how you bore your blocks, but you're making noises like you register off the decks. I haven't seen that done in a couple of decades. The block is set up to register off the main bearing bore and the block can be thusly bored without ever touching the decks with a cutting tool. Then the customer can pick up the block, take it home and proceed to find the piston deck heights with simple tools. Then the block goes back to the machine shop to be cut to square on the decks.

Of course the shop can do all this for the customer. I never said they couldn't. But there is more than one way to achieve the end result. Your way is not the only way and I wish you'd get over yourself.
First of all the main line should be addressed first if your that anal about a zero deck as everything referances of the main line.

Over 90% of the shops out there are using boring bars that bore off the decks and some shops even bore of the pan rails.

We bore of the cam and crank center lines and 45 degrees from there, We use a 4 axis CNC machine to so our work with.

Like I said there are a lot of shops still using boring bars.

If a guy has to fit up evryting to find zero deck then he is not dealing with the right machine shop that can measure stroke rod lenth and CH of the piston and machine the block from.

This is what we use to bore with
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