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Originally Posted by techinspector1 View Post
As is usual for you, you're missing the whole point. You and mafiacustomz are taking an irresponsible and childish view of what I'm trying to get across.

Most of those on this board, including you, were not alive in 1970. So you have not lived through the horror of breathing air from Los Angeles or any other population center in America back then. People died from breathing it. People got sick from breathing it. Something had to be done, so the Congress began to inact laws and regulations to clean up the air. It's not like it was done for some special interest group or groups, everyone had to breathe the same air. These photos will give you an idea of what we had to deal with.....

Here's a summary of the Clean Air Act of 1970, the first of many changes to the law to help clean the air that all of us must breathe.....
Summary of the Clean Air Act | Laws and Regulations | US EPA

Now, along comes AP72 and mafiacustomz with their pizzy little attitudes, thinking that these laws don't apply to them. Well, they do apply to you the same as they apply to every other person who lives in this country.

What I'm trying to get across is that if EVERYONE obeyed all the laws, we would have no need for police, courts, jails, prisons and all those God-awful attorneys suckin' the money out of our wallets and life would be wonderful, just like God intended it to be in the first place.

You need look no further than the 10 Commandments. It's all right there, how to conduct yourself without making waves for others. But you two pick and choose which laws you think you should obey.

And that's what's wrong with America.
You really think politicians know anything about science and pollutions when they write laws? You're citing EPA regulations to a guy who's done a LOT more environmental work than probably anyone else on this board. I can tell you first hand that while the clean air and water laws were a good thing at first they are WAY out of hand.

Instead of addressing my issue- namely that the laws themselves carry little to no merit- you just leave it up to politicians to make your decisions and refute any need for merit.

THAT is the problem with America- people are either too dumb or lazy to think for themselves and insist that someone else take care of them.
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