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1947 Chevy Sedan Delivery

I traded another street rod project that I lost interest in for this 1947 Chevy sedan delivery in 2002. Overall it was in pretty good shape.

1947 Chevy Sedan Delivery Project

The sedan came with 2 extra clips: one a '46 Chevy, the other a '47 Chevy, and 2 extra '46 grilles.

However, I could tell the suspension would have to go. It was already stubbed, but it was too wide and about 2 inches too far forward; the rear suspension was original with I believe a Chevy pickup rearend with 3 inch lower blocks, ouch.

The firewall would also have to go. After putting it on the side for a while (I was working on a 4x4 project at the time), I started looking things over, deciding what to do. First thing was suspension and drive train. The thought did cross my mind on a S-10 frame swap, glad I didn't. Couldn't find a '46-'48 Chevy frame; everyone told me sedan deliveries are the same as a passenger car. Not much choice but to re-clip the front suspension.

Click here for Part 2: Front Suspension

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