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Part 3: Rear Suspension

The next thing that came about was rear suspension. At one time, I thought of doing my own with Dodge Ramcharger front springs. Eventually, I decided to go with Chassis Engineering rear leaf springs -- I have used their products before and have always had good results. I bought a 1967 Ford 9-inch out of a Mustang. It fit in great, and had a 3:50 posi unit on the side, that I decided would work about right for gears.

1947 Chevy Sedan Delivery Project

1947 Chevy Sedan Delivery Project

At the same time, I lifted up the body and did some major cleaning -- fixed a few rust outs, and sprayed body and frame with Zero Rust. I had never used it before -- I have used POR-15, and wanted to try something different.

1947 Chevy Sedan Delivery Project

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