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Chevrolet S10 Truck Project

I bought the truck for $150 at the local junk yard in October of 2001. I went with an S-10 because they are plentiful, cheap and it did not bother me to cut it to pieces like it would a classic. When I got the truck it was stripped down to the body and frame and was missing the driver door and tailgate. This was okay with me because I did not have to do away with all the stuff I was going to replace. I knew when I started the project that the race track was the priority, but I still wanted to be able to show off on the street once in a while, so it is all street legal...well mostly. Keep in mind this is a very budget minded build up. I have more time than money, so I did all of the work myself and sourced the parts from the cheapest places I could find -- ebay helped A LOT.

Chevy S10 Truck Project

The above picture is the truck on the homemade jig I used to do all the frame work changes I had in store. As you can see it was in pretty sad condition.

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