1935 Chevy Coupe
1935 Chevy 3-Window Coupe
This is a 1935 Chevy 3-Window Coupe with the original steel body, a 4" chop, suicide doors, and a "Panther Pink" paint job.

1935 Chevy Coupe Interior
With Edelbrock Performer intake manifold, carb, camshaft, and cylinder heads, this engine cranks out a mean base 420 horsepower. A 250 hp nitrous kit brings the total to 670 horses. Not bad for a 327 small block!

1935 Chevy Coupe Engine
This impressive interior sports a chrome dash, VDO gauges, billet aluminum steering wheel, and an eight-speaker stereo system with all the trimmings!

While suicide doors have become a popular "authentic" addition to modern street rods, the term "suicide door" has quite an interesting history. Automobile makers reasoned that since the vehicle occupants were already facing forward when they were in the vehicle, a door that allowed them to exit the vehicle without turning around seemed most reasonable. However, in a front-end collision, the impact forces tend to force a door open, and if that door is not front-hinged (as in a modern car), the vehicle occupants are thrown into the path of the oncoming vehicle rather than backwards and away from the crash -- hence the term "suicide door". Car manufacturers were quick to discontinue that dubious option.

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