1936 Ford Coupe
36 Ford Hot Rod
This is a classic, smooth-lined 1936 Ford 5-window coupe.

36 Ford Hot Rod Engine
Here's a 327 with a 600 cfm Holley carb, billet aluminum air cleaner, and a Performer aluminum manifold.

36 Ford Hot Rod Interior
The leather-wrapped LeCarra steering wheel and the Stewart Warner gauges give the interior of this street rod a really nice touch.

Ford was really smoothing out their body designs in these mid to late 1930's model years, resulting in a great choice for a classic street rod. While this week's featured vehicle employs a 327 with a 600 cfm carb in an effort to opt for streetability over raw power, a "moderate" street rodded 36 Ford is still a far cry from Ford's original 1936 models, which had yet to beat 100 horses, although Ford's efforts in engine advancement were enough to make them the overall winner in the Monte Carlo Rally in 1936. Many options that now come standard on modern vehicles were extras in those days, available for an additional price, such as a clock, a heater, and a "cigar" lighter.

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