1946 Plymouth Coupe
1946 Plymouth Hot Rod
This is a 1946 Plymouth Coupe sitting on a 1969 Chevelle frame. This vehicle's owner found this car on the acreage that he and his wife had purchased. In the true hot rod tradition, he and his wife completed the job, doing all of the work themselves.

1946 Plymouth Hot Rod Engine
This modern Chevy 305, finished in polished aluminum, is hooked to a "classic" 2-speed powerglide transmission.

1946 Plymouth Hot Rod Interior
Check out the Plymouth's interior. Not bad when you consider that the car's owner reports that when he found the vehicle, there was "no interior".

1946 Plymouth Hot Rod Nose
PPG's "Prizmatique Purple" makes for a great effect on the flames on this Plymouth's nose.

1946 marked the end of some lean years for Plymouth. Due to the war effort, many car companies were forced to ration their use of metals, mostly noticeable in Plymouth's shortening of their front fender chrome trim. With the war over, Plymouth was able to re-open an overseas production plant and re-incorporate into their vehicles that precious American commodity: chrome.

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